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I do all things human and also write. I live in a perfectly uneventful Norwegian town surrounded by, you guessed it, Norwegian woods. Hence my hobbies are writing and walking in the woods.

tarot reading

14 Best Astrology, Psychic, And Tarot Affiliate Programs

Every year, more and more people embrace the metaphysical realms. They’re flocking to psychics, fascinated by tarot cards, and looking for wisdom in the stars. In fact, since 2005, the psychic service industry has grown by 53%, and statisticians project it will only continue growing. It’s clear that many find psychic advice to be valuable, …

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authority hacker

The Ultimate Guide to Authority Hacker (2022 Review)

Online entrepreneurship is becoming more attainable than ever before. Content marketing was once an elusive concept that evaded the majority of the population. Now, the internet is buzzing with step-by-step information about how to tap into the world of content marketing. There are quite literally thousands of online courses available to teach the average business …

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Moosend Review

In only a decade or so, email marketing has grown from a niche platform requiring extensive coding experience to a ubiquitous tool used by millions. When early online entrepreneurs reached out for a simple but effective email strategy, they were often overwhelmed. It was hard to bring in hundreds of tools, platforms, and software at …

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online learning

Lead Academy Review

Online learning is one of the most popular methods of schooling these days, and Lead Academy is one of the top online schools where you can complete your schooling and get accreditation, complete courses, and get certifications that will help you succeed in both your work and life. Online learning is an easy, effective way …

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