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14 Best Astrology, Psychic, And Tarot Affiliate Programs

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Every year, more and more people embrace the metaphysical realms. They’re flocking to psychics, fascinated by tarot cards, and looking for wisdom in the stars. In fact, since 2005, the psychic service industry has grown by 53%, and statisticians project it will only continue growing.

It’s clear that many find psychic advice to be valuable, and they’re happy to spend money to get it. So, by positioning yourself with the best astrology and tarot affiliate programs, you stand to make extra cash.

Below we list the top 14 astrology, psychic, and tarot affiliate programs available. Then, we’ll give you a few tips on picking the best one for your business. That way, you can match your niche brand to the ideal affiliate program and start raking in commissions. 


1) Psychic Source

  • Commission: $100 per new customer
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days

Psychic Source offers psychic readings for $1, $2, or $3 per minute through a host of psychic advisors. Customers can choose an advisor based on their rate and rating, or they can use Psychic Source’s Psychic tool.

The tool features a short quiz and promises to match users with their ideal psychic. The site has over 200 psychic advisors available, all with different specialties, including pet psychics, career psychics, and mediums. So, the tool is especially helpful for users to narrow things down.

On top of that, Psychic Source offers astrology readings and insightful articles on love and life that many users enjoy. They have a fantastic payment policy as well; if users aren’t satisfied with their reading, they don’t pay for it.

When it comes to their affiliate program, Psychic Source offers $100 per new customer sale. They cut checks for their affiliate program commissions at the end of every month and provide an online account so you can keep track of new customers you’ve referred.

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Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

2) Kasamba

  • Commission: $125 per new customer
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

Kasamba offers psychic readings, fortune telling, tarot cards, astrology readings, and numerology readings. They also provide career forecasts and dream analysis.

Customers who join Kasamba can start with a free three-minute chat with a certified psychic. After that, customers pay at each psychic’s set rate, anywhere from $1 to $6 per minute or more.

What makes Kasamba stand out is its high commission and detailed affiliate program. With Kasamba, there’s no need to design anything. Instead, Kasamba provides you with landing pages, banner links, coupons, and special incentives that help you push customers towards Kasamba’s site.

If a new customer signs up and uses Kasamba from a link or banner ad that you promoted, you get paid. It’s good to note, though, that the customer must use Kasamba for a paid chat within 60 days of signing up for you to get the commission. So just signing up as a new member doesn’t cut it.

3) Keen

  • Commission: $100 per new customer
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Keen features a clean and easy-to-navigate site for life advice and psychic readings. You or your customers can partake in spiritual readings, tarot readings, and astrology advice. They also offer life coaching, psychic medium and financial outlook services. So, Keen gives astrology and psychic customers everything they could possibly want.

But what makes Keen stand out is its streamlined and easy-to-navigate site. Everything looks clean and polished, making the site seem intuitive rather than cluttered or, worse, cheap. 

There’s an easy quiz that users can take to match with a psychic. Once they do, the first three minutes of chat are free. After that, it costs the psychic’s rate of $2-$10+ per minute.

Keen’s affiliate program pays $100 per new customer that you refer to the site. The customer must sign up and complete a paid reading before you get your commission check.

With the affiliate program, you’ll have access to a code you can copy and paste anywhere on your site, social media, or email marketing campaigns. This code will direct your customers back to Keen, where if they sign up, you get paid! 

Keen also supports their affiliates with a monthly newsletter full of tips, and they encourage affiliates to become Keen advisors as well. Even if you don’t have psychic abilities, you may be able to become a Keen advisor. That’s because Keen isn’t just for the clairvoyant or intuitive; it also hosts financial advisors and life coaches.

4) Miracle Mastery

  • Commission: $11.91 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

Unlike the affiliate programs above, Miracle Mastery isn’t trying to connect your customer with a psychic or spiritual advisor. Rather, Miracle Mastery is a digital product, an ebook to be exact, that promises to teach readers how to develop their own psychic abilities.

Through Miracle Mastery, readers can learn about healings, telekinesis, and materialization, which may sound too good to be true. However, the book theorizes that the energy to perform such miraculous acts is constantly around us; we just have to learn to harness it.

If your followers are interested in the power of the mind and unseen energies, this affiliate program might be ideal for you. The commission may seem low, but it’s also a relatively easy product to pitch and sell because customers don’t have to sign up for a membership. Instead, they simply pay, type in their email, and receive their book copy instantly.

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Image credit: Call of Destiny

5) Call of Destiny

  • Commission: $19.95 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

Call of Destiny delivers astrological readings in a unique and interactive way. Elena Roberts, the astrologer who created Call of Destiny, offers free sun and moon sign readings that hook customers to the site.

For the free sun sign reading, all customers have to do is enter their name and sign. From there, a video plays, which gives an astrological reading. It then asks the user for a bit more information, like the city of their birth, in order to provide a free moon sign reading.

Then, the site guides users to an ascendant sign reading which is much more personalized. It costs $7 for the reading, plus $17 per month for continued, weekly life guidance that users can cancel at any time.

If a user watches their sun and moon sign reading, they’ll probably want their ascendant sign reading as well, and many are willing to pay for it. That means affiliating with Call of Destiny can be especially lucrative.

$19.95 per sale may seem low, but it’s relatively easy to make a sale with a site like this. The way Call Of Destiny funnels prospective customers from a free reading to a paid one is very effective. 

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Image credit: Call of Destiny

6) The Psychic Tree

  • Commission: 5% on validated sales
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

Rather than a site for astrological or physic readings, The Psychic Tree is an online store selling crystals, incense, smudge sticks, and more. If you have a customer base that’s metaphysically inclined, partnering with this site is a great way to earn extra dollars while selling products they’ll genuinely like.

The 5% commission rate may seem low compared to other offers on this list, but keep in mind that there’s no membership with this site. Instead, customers go back to Psychic Tree regularly to purchase new crystals, candlesticks, cauldrons, and whatever else they need to enhance their spiritual abilities. 

So, as long as you’re continually referring customers to the online store using blog posts, social media posts, and well-placed affiliate links, you’re likely to see a substantial return on investment.

moonstone healing crystals guide
Image credit: Psychic Tree

7) The Astrotwins

  • Commission: 20% on validated sales
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

If the name Astrotwins doesn’t sound familiar, it probably should. This astrology duo has many high-profile fans, including Beyonce, Marie Forleo, and Stevie Wonder! Plus, they’re the official astrologers for Elle Magazine and MindBodyGreen.

The twins, Ophira and Tali, create astrological courses, books, and guides that they sell on their site. They also give away free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes.

Affiliating with a site like this is almost a no-brainer. If you have customers that might read Elle Magazine or pay any heed to the latest celebrity trends, they probably already know and trust the Astrotwins. So, it makes perfect sense to partner with them.

8) Ask Now

  • Commission: $100 per new customer
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Ask Now is a 24/7 psychic network with rates as low as $1 per minute initially. Although rates go up after the initial offer, you can purchase minutes in bundles with Ask Now, allowing for significant discounts.

Ask Now offers psychic readings by phone or by chat, and customers can even schedule callbacks if their favorite psychic isn’t available.

In terms of an affiliate program, Ask Now’s is generous. $100 for every new customer you send them is nothing to scoff at, and recommending Ask Now is easy to do. Just paste your unique affiliate link on your site or emails and watch the commissions pile up!

9) LifeReader

  • Commission: $100 per new customer
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Life Reader offers a wide range of services to help users gain perspective on their life, goals, career, or another situation. They focus mainly on psychic chats but also provide tarot readings, astrology, and medium services.

Compared to other online psychic networks, LifeReader is small. There aren’t that many advisors, 75 to be exact. All of them are handpicked and very good at their job, which will keep the customers you refer to them happy.

LifeReader’s affiliate program is hard to top. They offer $100 per new customer, but that’s not all. They also are willing to create specially designed incentives for you and your site once you meet a certain number of referrals.

So, if you send a lot of traffic LifeReader’s way, you could be richly rewarded. But even if you only send a few referrals a month, you’ll end up with extra cash padding your pocket. 

10) Astrology Source

  • Commission: 50% of sales
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

Astrology Source is mainly an online resource for all things astrology, and much of what they offer is free. There are daily and weekly horoscopes as well as information about general astrology. Of course, there are also personalized charts and relationship forecasts available for a fee.

With every chart purchased, Astrology Source sends a free Natal Chart Art Wheel. It may seem small, but little freebies like this can keep customers coming back, especially if your website or business encourages them to.

If your website or online business promotes the use of natal charts or astrological compatibility reports, teaming up with Astrology Source is a good idea. A 50% commission is high, and you’re providing your customers something they already want.

11) Psychic Oz

  • Commission: $100 per new customer
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Psychic Oz has been in business since 1989 and is well-trusted in the psychic industry. Through chat or by phone, users can gain love insights, clairvoyant readings, tarot cards, horoscopes, and astrological advice.

Customers can select a psychic specifically for their needs using the excellent search filters Psychic Oz provides. They even offer pet psychics and psychics that specialize in finding missing persons. After they’ve selected a psychic, customers can try a free three-minute chat to ensure they like the service.

The wide range of psychics available on this site makes it ideal for many. That means you’re more likely to make sizable commissions if you affiliate with Psychic Oz.

Their affiliate program offers $100 per newly registered customer. They also provide marketing materials for you to use if you’d like. Psychic Oz pays their commissions monthly, and you’ll receive a commission for every person you refer who signs up for Psychic Oz services within 90 days.

The PsychicOz Affiliates team with their experience, knowledge and initiatives have emerged as an invaluable partner for us. PsychicOz strengthen our commitment towards providing quality services to our visitors.

Kenneth McGowan
Posted by famouspsychics.ca

12) The Psychic School

  • Commission: 15% on all qualifying purchases
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Maybe your clientele is less into psychic readings and more interested in training as a psychic themselves. If you cater to a community that likes to learn and is in tune with the metaphysical, joining the Psychic School’s affiliate program may be ideal.

The Psychic School features a full-fledged faculty and numerous classes that help students reveal their psychic potential. There are classes on healing, clairvoyant meditation, and using your intuition, amongst many others.

As far as their affiliate program goes, Psychic School offers 15% on all purchases. With courses priced at $300 per month, 15% is a relatively good offer, especially if you have a community of budding psychics who might be interested. 

13) Magi Helena

  • Commission: 15% on qualifying purchases
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Magi Helena is a certified level IV Magi Astrologer, one of only two in the world! Magi Astrology is a little different from other astrology offerings because the Magi Society only uses techniques and practices they can prove work through research and statistics.

That means the Magi Society, Magi Helena included, has nixed some ancient beliefs while keeping the ones that still serve. For example, with Magi Astronomy, you don’t need a birth time to create an accurate chart.

Magi Helena is also well known. She publishes astrological horoscopes in U.S. newspapers and has a daily readership in the millions. Plus, in 2019, she was voted the best astrologer in Los Angeles.

The commission she offers through her affiliate program is decent at 15% of referred sales. Given how easy it is to introduce and talk confidently about Magi Helena’s offerings, 15% could add up fast.

Magi Helena also provides a diverse range of banner ads for you to use. They promise them for every demographic and have new ones coming out monthly.

14) Mastering Magick Witchcraft

  • Commission:$80 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: Unlimited

Mastering Magick Witchcraft is a site devoted to teaching magic. Rose Ariadne, the site’s creator, sells access to her Magick Academy, which features spells from her grandmother’s Book of Shadows.

The academy includes tutorials on hundreds of spells as well as courses on divination, tea reading, magic crystals, and herbs. It costs $297 to purchase the academy’s courses, which means the $80 commission per sale is very generous.

On top of the $80 commission, Magick Witchcraft also gives incentives for referring new affiliates. They pay a $10 commission for every new affiliate you refer.

And it gets better. Magick Witchcraft’s cookie duration is unlimited. So, it doesn’t matter when the person you referred purchases the academy courses. It could take three days, or it could take six months, but as long as you refer to them initially, you’ll get the commission.

Picking The Best Astrology and Tarot Affiliate Program

When picking the best astrology, psychic, and tarot affiliation program for your business or website, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Match Your Target Markets

First, make sure the target market of the affiliate program matches the target market of your website.

For example, Psychic Source lists its target market as mostly women between 25-35 years old. Most of them are career-oriented with both romantic and financial goals. If your business or website also caters to that market, Psychic Source’s affiliate program would be a good fit.

Work With Companies You Love

Second, make sure you pick an affiliate program that you’re comfortable with and would consider using yourself. Better yet, choose one that you already use or are willing to try for a few months before you promote it to your customers. If it’s a service you use or have used, it’s much easier to recommend it to your customers and fans.

Pay Attention To Cookie Duration

Third, look at the affiliate program’s cookie duration. Cookie duration refers to the length of time an affiliate program will credit you for a user’s purchase. Each time a user clicks on an affiliate link from your site, the affiliate program attaches a unique cookie to their browser.

Often, a user won’t purchase from the affiliate link right away. Instead, they may take time to consider the purchase and come back in a day, week, month, or even a year! As long as they have the cookie on their browser, though, that purchase will count as your referral, and you’ll get the commission for it.

Affiliate programs for stores selling physical goods, like The Psychic Tree, tend to offer short cookie durations (Psychic Tree’s seven days). But affiliate programs that sell memberships or high ticket items usually offer lengthy cookie durations in the 30 to 60-day range.

However, some affiliate programs are more generous than others when it comes to cookie duration, which could be beneficial in maximizing your commission. Psychic Source, for example, offers a 365-day cookie duration, and Mastering Magick Witchcraft’s cookie duration is infinite! 

Evaluate The Return On Investment

Finally, pay attention to the returns on your efforts. Many astrology affiliate programs offer high commissions, but that’s often because the number of sales is low. It may be beneficial to consider a program with a lower commission if it generates more sales. 

Do I Need A Website To Participate In An Affiliate Program?

Many people assume that you need to own a high-traffic website to take advantage of an astrology affiliate program, but that’s not always true. Often, all you need is a place to promote a hyperlink.

You can add affiliate program links to newsletters, emails, or certain social media channels. So, put the link wherever you have a following and watch the commission’s roll in!

There are exceptions to this, though. Some advertising networks require you to have a high-traffic website before they allow you to become an affiliate. So, you’ll have to check the specific affiliate program you’re considering.

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Final Thoughts

The psychic service industry is growing. And that’s good news for website owners and influencers who cater to certain niches because many psychic service websites offer generous affiliate programs.

By partnering with the best astrology and tarot affiliate programs, you can generate significant amounts of extra income. As long as you pick one that matches your target market and offers a good return on investment, you’re set! Add a few banner ads, maybe an embedded link or two, and watch the commissions start rolling in. 

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