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The Ultimate Guide to Authority Hacker (2022 Review)

Online entrepreneurship is becoming more attainable than ever before. Content marketing was once an elusive concept that evaded the majority of the population. Now, the internet is buzzing with step-by-step information about how to tap into the world of content marketing.

There are quite literally thousands of online courses available to teach the average business owner how to become a successful web-based entrepreneur. However, as a business owner, you do not have time to waste on a course that will not help your business.

The biggest problem with all of these online courses is that many of them offer questionable content. You have to remember that these online courses are out for one thing: your money. If you invest your time and money into an online system for successful online marketing, you will need to ensure that the course is a quality source.

Reliability is where Authority Hacker has the advantage. Authority Hacker is an online resource that offers courses on all of the essential information needed to have a successful online business. From SEO techniques to templates and guidelines, Authority Hacker has become the most prominent online resource for content courses.

authority hacker founders
Mark and Gael
credit: Authority Hacker website

The Basics

Created by content gurus Mark Webster and Gael Breton, Authority Hacker has been in service since 2013. Since the website launched, it has helped business-minded professionals tap into the world of online content creation unprecedentedly.

Each course is built on ethically sound, search-engine approved techniques. There is no advice from Authority Hacker that is questionable or will not yield results. On the contrary, founders of the website are committed to providing results-driven instruction, and they admit that all of their course content relates to what they have learned from their own mistakes in the business.

Before Webster and Breton built their content on Authority Hacker, they used their successful website, Health Ambition, to create successful procedures to share with others. Without considering their success, Webster and Breton would have been no different from numerous online courses.

Closely analyzing the road to success allowed Webster and Breton to create standard operating procedures for online success. Standard Operating Procedures are what they have made for sharing on their Authority Hacker website.

How is Authority Hacker Unique?

Authority Hacker is considered a high-quality resource for learning how to rank in search engines. Part of their success is because the founders of Authority Hackers have been through this process.

People from around the world have experienced Authority Hacker’s resources, and most of the reviews are positive. This shows that Authority Hacker has its own authority in the world of online marketing and affiliate advertising.

Webster and Breton are experts on online authority because they have built multiple successful websites from scratch. This authentic experience is one that you cannot find at many other online growth resources.

Many of the competing websites sell bogus tips and tricks that do not build long-term success. Instead, these cheap tricks wind up driving temporary traffic your way. With Authority Hacker, the goal is to create a long-term funnel of visitors to your website.

Authority Site System Vs. Authority Hacker Pro

There are three basic tiers to the Authority Hacker website subscription. The first one is called The Authority Site System. The Authority Site System is considered the website’s most essential information and costs just under $1,000 at retail value.

Within The Authority Site System, visitors gain access to video tutorials, templates for various types of content, and proven link sharing systems that are guaranteed to build your site. According to the website, you can expect to earn at least 1k a month using The Authority Site System to develop your business.

Because the Authority Hacker website offers various tiers of coursework, it might seem slightly confusing. However, it is highly recommended for beginners to begin with the base version of The Authority Site System.

Once users make more than $5,000 per month, they can consider graduating from the more advanced coursework. Each additional tier of Authority Hacker costs an additional payment (ranging from $800-$1,000).

Online Authority: Not for the Faint of Heart

You might be wondering why anyone would feel the need to spend thousands of dollars on learning how to dominate the internet. However, millions of failed website adventures prove that becoming an authority in the online world is no easy task.

The hard truth of the matter is that as the internet becomes more saturated with content, the competition for space on the web will only get more fierce. Increased competition means that successful websites need to have talented and hard-working people behind the keyboard.

SEO is the number one skill needed to build a top-ranking website successfully. Unfortunately, learning how to navigate the complicated realm of SEO is a task in and of itself. Many people spend years perfecting their art, and then the internet advances again, and new tools become available.

As new tools for content marketing releases, there is a necessity for learning how to utilize them to the fullest extent. Learning success on the internet is a never-ending process.

Put simply, the online market for making money through content marketing is highly competitive right now. There are plenty of success stories, but there are also plenty of failures. Turning to a website like Authority Hacker for expert advice is an investment in your future success on the internet.

screenshot authority hacker website
screenshot Authority Hacker

What to Learn from Authority Hacker

Before making a significant investment such as The Authority Site System from Authority Hacker, you will want to research to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Authority Hacker has a large number of tools and benefits that give it an edge over competing websites.

Although Authority Hacker is not the only choice for content marketing advice, it is the most successful market option.

SEO Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the single most crucial aspect of any online business. SEO knowledge is critical for both the blogger or the Amazon seller. No matter what type of business category you fall into, SEO applies to you.

SEO refers to the likelihood that your post will appear within the first few results of a Google search. SEO is a complicated process that can take a great deal of time to master, which is why Authority Hacker includes SEO instruction in the base level of their resources.

If you can master the art of SEO, then you can effectively drive traffic to your website for the long term.

One of the most complicated aspects of SEO is keyword research. Through Authority Hacker’s content, you will learn how to accurately and efficiently complete this task.

Link Building

Link Building is the process of partnering with other websites to build links back to your website. Essentially, it is the act of borrowing visitors from different audiences and funneling them to your business.

Link Building is a tricky process. Unfortunately, some online websites use questionable tactics to achieve this goal. While that might earn your site some short-term traffic, learning about link building from a reputable source such as Authority Hacker is a much-preferred method.

Content Creation

As search engines become more advanced, their algorithm begins to detect content that is less than high-quality. As a result, content creation is more crucial than ever before.

Not only does your website need to be optimized for search engines, but it needs to have the ability to draw their attention and deliver valuable content when they get there.

Content Creation is one of the main topics that Authority Hacker covers, which other businesses do not cover. We think creating quality content is one of the most beneficial steps to building long-term success within your website.

Helpful Tools/Apps

As you browse content on Authority Hacker, you will notice that you might see helpful tools and apps. Of course, you do not have to purchase more tools and apps to be successful, but these suggestions help your business grow in specific ways.

For example, you might see information on the website regarding the use of various keyword research tools. These tools can save you time and money in the long run.

Social Media Tips

Search engines are no longer the sole source of information for many people consuming information on the internet. This fact has been confirmed for years, but as social media becomes ever more present, the need to use it for content marketing becomes more pressing.

If you are not tapping into the gold mine inside social media, Authority Hacker has everything you need to get started. Many experts would argue that ranking on a search engine means nothing if your brand does not have a solid social media presence.

Creating a Brand

Often, one of the things that set success apart from failure is creating a sense of community. So when your brand is successful, your customers will likely feel like they are a part of something big.

You want to foster that sense of community. You can do this in many different ways, but it might be good to follow up on social media information to learn more about how your brand identity can make or break your business.

“Far too many marketing “experts” give advice while never actually trying it themselves. That’s why I love Gael & Mark from Authority Hacker. They never talk about things that they THINK will work. They only talk about things they’ve tried, so they KNOW it works.”

Tim Soulo – SMO @ Ahrefs

Authority Hacker’s Biggest Benefits

Aside from being the top-rated resource for all things content marketing, Authority Hacker has some imposing features. Each of these features is carefully calculated to ensure the website’s success, but we can learn from these moves made on behalf of the website’s founders.

If you choose to learn from Authority Hacker, you will see that they provide innovative content regularly. The investment is a routine investment in the success of your online business.

Frequent Updates

Technology is rapidly evolving. If you want to keep up with the new tools, features, and methods for success, then subscribing to Authority Hacker can help you achieve that goal. Authority Hacker remains up-to-date with the most innovative technologies and techniques in the industry.

Many of the other websites in the industry never offer new content or fresh ideas. Because the content writers for Authority Hacker are actively involved in building an online business, they have tangible experience in the field.

Keeping up with the latest protocol for building your online presence is critical for your success. The internet changes rapidly; the only way to guarantee that you won’t flop is to keep up with the developments along the way.

Variety of Content Delivery Styles

If you take a moment to think back to your days of schooling, you will probably remember how boring it could be to sit at a desk and listen to a lecture all day. The very best teachers provide instruction in a variety of methods.

Authority Hacker mimics the very best teachers by providing their reliable content in a variety of different formats. There are nearly 100 engaging video tutorials built by experienced teachers. There are also articles and other reading material that you can explore.

There is no reason for you to get bored with the different methods for accessing the information on Authority Hacker. On the contrary, most customers love the different ways they can access information.

The Various Tiers of Packages

Another great feature of Authority Hacker is that there is a course for every experience level. Therefore, beginners can invest the lowest possible amount and get what they need from The Authority Site System.

The base package has enough information to last for a while as customers experience and learn about new ideas for their growth and development.

However, when customers are achieving their goals and ready to take things to the next level, there are Authority Hacker Pro and Authority Hacker Pro Elite options. These options are pricey, but you get even more in-depth information about building your online business and maintaining success.


One of the biggest obstacles for new online entrepreneurs is that even with a blog website like WordPress, some need to understand code. With Authority Hacker, there are copy and paste templates available for beginner web designers.

These templates are free to use with The Authority Site System subscription. Customers exclaim that these templates save much-needed time and stress for other problems that are easier to solve.

Providing templates for web design helps novice business owners access the webspace that would otherwise be off-limits.

Space for User Community/Discussion

As we mentioned before, it is crucial to have a place for community and discussion on your own brand’s website. Expert designers at Authority Hacker have created such a space on their website for participating customers.

Within the community and discussion forums on Authority Hacker, you can learn and grow even more among the people facing the same issues.

Authority Hacker Pro

If you have an already successful online business, you might be a candidate for Authority Hacker’s upgraded subscription, Authority Hacker Pro. Authority Hacker Pro is for website owners that earn $5,000 or more per month on their website’s traffic.

Most customers who choose to upgrade to pro need more than just the basics. For example, if you have multiple websites in various niches, but are doing most of the grunt work on your own, eventually, you will run out of steam.

Investing in Authority Hacker Pro is one of the best decisions you can make if you feel like you have hit a plateau, especially if you have already completed and reviewed most of the information on The Authority Site System.

One of the significant benefits to Authority Hacker Pro is that they offer live webinars. These webinars are not available at lower levels of membership. During these webinars, you can ask for specific advice from industry experts and receive real-time feedback from people in the business.

Authority Hacker business offer
credit: Authority Hacker

Expert Advice

Authority Hacker Pro is not an option for beginner content creators. If you are just beginning to work on your website, your best bet is to start with The Authority Site System. Remember, The Authority Site System contains everything you need to know to begin to build long-term success on your affiliate site.

Authority Hacker Pro is best for people who have a successful online business that needs a boost. If you already understand SEO, marketing and are ready to take it to the next level, then you can bet that Authority Hacker Pro will be a good investment for growth.

What is it?

Authority Hacker Pro is the “next level” information for affiliate marketers who are already experiencing success. There is more information in Authority Hacker Pro than in the introductory course, and it comes from the very same successful people.

Like the introductory course, Authority Hacker Pro is based on the experience that Gael Breton and Mark Webster analyzed from their success.  These two have become experts in affiliate marketing, and they have chosen to share their success through the three courses they offer online.


If you purchase Authority Hacker Pro, you will gain access to an additional 130 tutorial videos. These videos contain various types of information, but the main goal is to help you navigate growing your business.

The biggest hang-up that online business owners experience is trying to do all of the hard work independently. This course will show users how to delegate their workload effectively and ethically.

Authority Hacker Pro Blueprints

Inside of Authority Hacker Pro, users receive several unique blueprints for use on their site. These blueprints help owners simplify their writing and content tasks. In addition, time saved by delegating tasks leaves time for the owners to focus on the more pressing matters involving website growth and development.

Guest Posting Blueprint

A well-known tactic for driving traffic between websites is guest blogging. However, creating the blueprint for those posts makes it a lot more difficult to share links. This blueprint is fully updated and available for Authority Hacker Pro users.

HARO Blueprint

Another great way to get Google’s attention is to prove that your content is trustworthy. The “Help a Reporter Out” blueprint is just what you need to get outstanding support from industry experts regarding your topic.

Using this blueprint, you can reach out to experts for a quote about your topic. This is another time-saving tactic. It keeps you from having to write long emails requesting help from experts in your niche.

Reporters in large industries like the New York Times can also use this feature on your website to request information from you. Again, this is a great way to build credibility if they feature your expertise in their significant publication.

Editorial System

One of the biggest wastes of time for business owners is revising and editing content, significantly if you have advanced to hiring writers on a freelance basis.

Having a solid system for edits and revisions saves time in the long run. So, instead of communicating back and forth with various writers or experts, create a reliable design and hold it in place. This will save your business a lot of time in the big picture.

Keyword Blueprint

Keyword research is one of the most complicated aspects of SEO. Learning how to filter through the results that keyword research tools will spit out is another time-consuming task. Authority Hacker is designed to help you create a passive source of income.

The keyword blueprint course helps users understand how to determine the most influential keywords from your research.

Final Thoughts

Authority Hacker did not get a stellar reputation for research out of thin air. Instead, the experts behind this website have proven that they know and understand the industry. Their experience is the most critical factor behind our endorsement of this program.

Furthermore, Authority Hacker truly respects the website owner’s time management skills. Many of the skills that they focus on involve time management. Learning to delegate tasks is critical.

If you are looking for a resource to grow your business’s online presence, Authority Hacker is the top choice for 2021. No matter your experience level, a course can help your online presence grow and develop.

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