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WordAgents: A Premium Content Service Suited For Orders Of All Sizes [2022 Review]

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Content agencies occupy an interesting and fundamental role in the modern internet ecosystem: they make a lot of the content you see online.

That’s a pretty big deal for most businesses because, as Bill Gates himself wrote back in 1996, content is king.

Some people consider that a cliche at this point, but it’s fundamentally true. Websites with great content are far better at attracting visitors, while sites with poor content get buried by their competitors.

WordAgents, like other content agencies, help produce content that drives revenue (or at least visitors, if revenue isn’t a concern for your site).

Here’s everything you should know about the company, in our comprehensive WordAgents review.


What is WordAgents?

WordAgents bills itself as a “human-friendly SEO content” agency and offers written content for companies all around the world. If you need written content for a website, blog, or anywhere else online, WordAgents probably has a package to suit your needs.

WordAgents started with the founder, Vincent D’Eletto, who launched the company in 2014. Vincent was the original WordAgent, but he grew his team to include hundreds of writers (plus other team members) that have produced over 77 million words to date.

With his SEO background and a solid structure of writers and operations team members, Vincent has come a long way. He’s also pretty well-known in his niche and has given interviews where he shares SEO insights.

It might have started small, but today, Vincent and his WordAgents team focus on search-optimized content in just about every genre and say they can tackle all your content needs.

“Working with WordAgents has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in over 10 years of working with different freelancers and contractors. Highly recommended service for anyone who even remotely values his time.”

Andrej Illisin – www.alphainvestors.com

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Is WordAgents a Content Mill?

It’s a common question that’s worth addressing up-front. The answer is no, WordAgents is not a content mill. While a content mill might produce tons of content at a low per-word cost, there’s not much oversight involved.

At WordAgents, each writer undergoes thorough vetting, training (for one month), and has a set level of experience (one year, minimum). While it uses the same model as a content mill — a big team of writers at the core — there’s more involved. The company promises to be more than a marketplace, offering reliable writing services with high-quality checks and balances.

The team promises plagiarism scanning, high-quality standards, and Grammarly proofreading, among other terms and guarantees. Their process also involves an editing step before you get your order. Most content mills don’t come close to that level of care, and most don’t have as great of a reputation as WordAgents, either.

Who Are WordAgents Writers?

So the writers receive training, and they have to have some writing experience. But don’t all content agencies and mills use the same talent pool? Sure, WordAgents hires freelance writers, the same as other word marketplaces.

But they promise their team is made up of writers from the USA or Canada. That means native English speakers handle your content, so there’s less room for error when it comes to dialing in research and web copy.

The bad news is that even if you get a writer whose work you really like, there’s no guarantee you can get the same one again. Still, WordAgents says they ensure quality and consistency across all the writers’ work, so there shouldn’t be much variation in your content overall.

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How Does WordAgents Work?

Let’s say you’re a business owner looking for content. What does the WordAgents process look like?

Pick Your Package

The first thing you’ll do is select from a range of package options. Pricing is per word, and the more words you purchase at a time, the lower your per-word rate. Packages include:

  1. Bronze – $120 for 1K words (.12/word)
  2. Silver – $500 for 5K words (.10/word)
  3. Gold – $800 for 10K words (.08/word)
  4. Platinum – $1,200 for 20K words (.06/word)

You save more the larger the package you purchase, and you can even buy in bulk. No matter the word count, each level includes the same basic perks:

  • 7-day delivery
  • Keyword optimization
  • Proofreading & plagiarism checking
  • Two rounds of edits
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Access to the client dashboard

Order the Content

Now that you know what size package you want, it’s time to order. Once you select a pricing package, your account will load up with “content credits.” You can apply those credits to your projects.

Ordering involves listing the word counts you need and providing a brief or outline document. WordAgents provides a form you can fill out, or you can supply your custom content outline.

Wait 7 Days

Once you navigate the dashboard and order your content, it’s a waiting game. WordAgents promises delivery of up to 10,000 words within 7 business days. If you order more than that, the weekly minimum applies, so it could take a month to receive 40K words, for example.

Request Any Changes

At this point, you’ll receive a notification from the client dashboard that your article (or batch of articles) is all set. In their terms and guarantees, WordAgents promises that every article will be factually correct and follow your directions.

But if something happens to need editing, you have a right to ask for “reasonable revisions.” More on that later!

Post to Your Site

Whether your content is good to go as-is or needs some tweaking from the WordAgents team, your ready-to-publish content isn’t far off. Like any other content agency, the words you order from WordAgents are your property, so there are no bylines or credits to give. You post the content where you want, and see how it performs.

“We’ve had many customers who’ve bought and sold businesses at Empire Flippers that use WordAgents almost as their sole source of content I’m always happy to recommend their services. You won’t go wrong with the WordAgents team.”

Greg Elfrink – www.empireflippers.com

WordAgents Content Categories

You know you can order thousands of words of content, but what kind of content does WordAgents offer? The company specializes in four main content categories.

The one thing all of these categories have in common is that they’re fundamentally web content. WordAgents produces content for websites, and it’s most effective in that area. The agency is not as effective if you need other content types, such as scientific papers or educational materials. Here’s what you can get up-front from WordAgents.

“Did you know that 55% of marketers prioritize blogging as their inbound marketing tactic? For more than a decade now, blogging has helped B2C and B2B companies to increase their revenue, improve brand recognition, and boost conversions through valuable content targeted towards their customers and target audience.”


Blog Posts/Articles

Blog posts and articles are content that’s relevant to your readers on a day-to-day basis. This generally includes informative content for specific industries or interests.

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Website Content

Website content is permanent, non-blog materials meant for static web pages. This includes service guides, store information, and other materials that attract clients and help your site rank.

eCommerce Content

eCommerce content focuses on product sales. This can include things like comparing products, explaining features or potential uses, and otherwise convincing potential customers that your product (or even an affiliate) is the best choice for their needs.

SEO Content

SEO content focuses on boosting your site’s presence in search engine rankings. This can span how-to guides, keyword-optimized reviews, skyscraper posts, guest posts, and more.

Who Does WordAgents Serve?

WordAgents serves four main groups of customers. You can expect access to different things depending on which category you fall into, and that’s good because it helps WordAgents give you the services you need most.


Publishers are individual website owners who are buying their own content. This is relatively common among small business owners and some larger companies who have an in-house agency for managing content.


Agencies are middlemen who connect customers to content writing companies like WordAgents. This is an easy way for companies to stay in touch and order high volumes of content.

WordAgents even offers white-label reselling, where you can offer content to customers by way of the WordAgents writing team. You order packages at a discounted rate, then resell them to your client base, and there’s no site-building or platform management to do on your end.

eCommerce Sites

eCommerce and SEO sites often face challenges like thin margins and increasing competition. That’s why WordAgents offers a special focus for customers in this area, particularly when it comes to increasing visibility and driving sales.

Local Business

Local businesses are different from most other clients. Featuring areas like law firms, health practitioners, and plumbers, local businesses usually want location-specific content that encourages people to contact them rather than direct information or services.

Features & Benefits of WordAgents

Now that you understand who WordAgents serves and how it works, let’s dive into the features and benefits a bit more.

Set It and Forget It Content

It might seem a little weird to read about WordAgents “credits” for content. But what’s unique about their system is that you can load up on credits in your account, and they never expire.

That means any time you need more content, you can log in, upload an outline or content brief, and send it off. Or, if you know ahead of time what content you’ll need in the coming weeks or months, you can make one big order and receive deliveries weekly.

SEO Optimization

Sure, WordAgents touts they’re an SEO agency, and every package option lists keyword optimization as a perk. But what about using SEO tools? The good news is that recently, WordAgents announced an SEO optimization tool add-on option.

If you already use optimization tools, you can now add that into your WordAgents content order. Then, their team does all the work. You can choose from tools like:

  • Surfer
  • MarketMuse
  • Frase
  • Clearscope

WordAgents says they’re adding more tools, too. For now, you can choose the optimization add-on for any order, although it will cost you extra.

Keep in mind that you need to have an account/membership to use any of the tools. WordAgents requires you to provide the link to your optimization tool for each article, so you’ll need the existing account and content report to get started.

Live Human Help

If you’re a business owner shopping for content, you might not care about the human element. But the truth is, when something goes wrong with technology, it’s nice to know there’s a real person on the other end of the line to help out.

With WordAgents, one of the highlights is their responsive team. It may not have always been this way, but the current model involves what WordAgents calls Customer Success Representatives.

You can still visit the WordAgents website and interact with a chatbot. But you can also open revision requests, schedule video calls, and message with the team that’s working on your content. Good luck finding that perk with any content mill!


The fact that WordAgents talks about their revision policy is a bit refreshing. Some agencies want to pretend like there’s never a problem with their content, but at least the WordAgents team can admit that no one is perfect. But we’d have to say their revision policy isn’t perfect either.

They’re very careful to promise “reasonable revisions” — and you have two rounds of them — but it’s a bit unclear what that means. Reading through their terms and conditions, the quality guarantees are related to things like grammar, spelling, and research. So while the content should be good, there’s a chance you might be dissatisfied for whatever reason.

On the upside, the human element means the odds are good that you’ll be able to get the changes you need.

Sales, Promos, and Deals

Some agencies set flat rates and stick to them, but WordAgents seems to have a thing for promotions. They offer first-time signup discounts (the current offer is for 30 percent off your first package), plus promotions to their clients and subscribers.

When you scroll down to the package options, you’ll see other discounts marked up on the page. Promotions can vary, but it doesn’t hurt to ask whether they’re running any specials when you sign up, or even if it’s been a while since you’ve ordered.

What Customers Say About WordAgents

You won’t find WordAgents listed with BBB or other online review sites. So, it’s tough to track down direct feedback about the company. WordAgents does have a bunch of customer testimonials on its website, though, and those offer perspective.

Most of the client reviews say they’ve worked with WordAgents for years, some since the early days of the company, and their feedback is all positive. That’s not to say no one has had a negative experience with WordAgents, of course. It’s possible that there are disgruntled customers out there, but the happy seem to outweigh the unhappy ones.

Pros of Working with WordAgents

Looking at the range of ordering options and the guarantees WordAgents offers, there are plenty of pros to working with them. These are the highlights.

  • Native English-speaking writers
  • Discounts when you order in bulk
  • A client dashboard to manage your orders
  • Real humans available for customer service
  • 7-day turnaround (sometimes shorter)

The main perks at WordAgents have to do with the writer quality and minimum guarantees. Not every agency can confirm that their writers are native English speakers, so this is a huge win for anyone who’s a stickler about readability and the overall flow of their content.

It’s also handy that WordAgents provides a specialized dashboard for clients to track orders and request revisions. But knowing that a real human is on the other end is even better.

And the seven-day turnaround is a perk no matter how much content you order. If you order more than 10K, you’ll receive that much each week. But if you have smaller orders, WordAgents says in their FAQs that you could get your order in as little as 48 hours.

Cons of Ordering from WordAgents

Like any agency, WordAgents has a few drawbacks. These are the most noticeable cons:

  • You can’t choose specific writers
  • No way to test-drive the platform without purchasing credits
  • Package ordering only
  • Not much leniency for edits

For any business owner who has struggled to find the perfect writer for a project, WordAgents could be a lifesaver. At the same time, you don’t really know who the writers are, and you can’t work with a single writer.

It can be frustrating in some ways, but that’s the tradeoff of working with an agency that has writers at the ready, versus paying more for a single freelancer.

Another potential pitfall? You can’t get in and see the system and how it all works until you buy credits. But you can click through to the order page and watch a brief video on how the process works. You’ll get a glimpse of the ordering platform, so at least you know what to expect if you decide to sign up.

Finally, one notable drawback is WordAgents’ claims about revisions. While it’s understandable that they don’t promise to rewrite all your content if you don’t like it, the policy itself is a little vague.

screenshot of wordagents' founder bio.
Screenshot Credit: WordAgents

The Verdict on WordAgents

Overall, our WordAgents review found that the pros outweigh the cons. There’s a reason we think WordAgents is one of the best SEO content writing services out there. Affordable packages, high quality, and convenience are all perks.

While every service has its drawbacks, especially depending on your business model or content needs, WordAgents can work for almost anyone. Whether you’re ordering 1K words one time, or want to scale up and order millions of words per year, the team at WordAgents can handle it all.

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