8 Best SEO Content Writing Services

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8 Best SEO Content Writing Services

In truth, we could write books and journals on why SEO content writing services are essential in improving your company’s reputation online. However, we have compressed it down into this useful blog post.

This article will explain precisely what SEO content writing services are, show you how you can use it in your brand marketing strategy, and why it is so significant for your business.

We will also cover the benefits of incorporating an SEO writing services provider to do the job for you – and do it the right way, along with the best SEO content writing services available.

What Is SEO?

By now, we know you are familiar with the acronym SEO and probably heard about it frequently since you commenced your online business venture, but it cannot hurt to refresh.

Search engine optimization, SEO is an online tool that permits you to increase your website’s visibility in Google’s search engine results page (SERPs).

As a result, your website will be easy to find as it will appear near the top when an individual searches for a specific word.

What Is the Significance of SEO content writing?

Most businesses and online stores are competing to appear on the first search page, if not within the first ten results. This is due to the desire to ensure their websites get more visits that should translate into more sales.

Apart from being more visible, systematic click-through rates tend to drop drastically after the first five results; therefore, we cannot over-emphasize enough how important it is to improve your web ranking.

Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, SEO content writing is a more complicated endeavor than it looks on the surface. There is no shortcut to making your website pop up on top of the results pages.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO content writing is not as simple as identifying a few keywords and placing them into your online content.

That is known as keyword stuffing, and it is an illegal practice that might lead you and your website to be penalized by Google. We are sure this is not what you are looking for or what you want.

You are most likely to stumble upon many drawbacks in your quest to recreate work done by a professional SEO content writing provider.

Even if you are working with a credible in-house writer, while we do not have any reason to doubt their writing proficiency, they are likely to have some literacy errors that a professional SEO copywriter would avoid.

Luckily, the market is flooded with credible SEO content service providers who are up to the task of solving your SEO demands.

Why Should You Use an SEO Content Writing Services Provider?

For the simple reason that SEO content writing services providers eat, sleep, and breathe SEO, there is no trick in the book they do not know.

As long as you provide the service or products, SEO content writing services providers have a way of bringing in the customers.

We have compiled five compelling reasons why you should consider calling in an SEO content writing services provider.

1. Get Top-Quality Content

Online writing is very diverse, to say the very least; writing an article is a daily routine. You all have heard about the 20-second rule – that is how long you have to get your customers’ attention before they click away.

With those 20-seconds, you are mandated to make an impressive impression or risk losing a potential client forever.

An expert who works within the SEO Content Writing services industry should be well-versed in writing or copywriting with the appropriate tonality and appropriate depth.

SEO Content Writers are used to working within the SEO Content writing Services Industry for a long time. They research about the audience, or who you want to address, and write for them.

Ideally, they keep things simple and ensure potential customers do not go through thousands of flowery words without understanding what the article is about.

Employ a person from an SEO content writing company. You should get customized blog articles and blog posts for your webpage that will ensure your accessibility in the market.

2. Establish the Authority of Your Website

When researching SEO content writing services statistics, we came across some stunning information, over 55 percent of websites are void of backlinks.  It is our wish to see you away from these statistics.  Backlinks are an essential component when it comes to Google ranking.

The inclusion of reliable links to 3rd party sources shows your readers your research proficiency and your dedication to provide them with the best available content.

Linking your previous blog posts is another way to assert your authority in your industry.

A professional SEO writer knows how to include links effectively, utilize appropriate anchor text while highlighting relevant previous blog posts, and avoid unnecessary linking.

catchy title
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

3. Get Top Titles

If you are not familiar with SEO optimization, it is unlikely that meta-descriptions and SEO titles are in your vocabulary. There is no shame in this. However, meta-descriptions and titles are essential components as they are the first aspects customers see in the search engine results page (SERPs).

An uninspiring title will not encourage an online visitor to click through your website. An inferior meta-description will also not convey the right message about what to expect from the perusing website.

4. Take Advantage of Keyword Knowledge

As we have noted before, SEO optimization entails more than just scattering your blog post with keywords. Keyword knowledge is critical in content marketing, and your writer should be an expert in this field.

Not only should they be current with all the newest keyword trends, but they should also seamlessly include them in your blog post.

According to Google’s quality guidelines, they consider unnatural sounding text stuffed with keywords a negative user experience. This is something you want to avoid.

Your SEO content writing services providers should develop fresh, exciting, and original content that naturally includes synonyms and keywords.

5. Have Convincing Calls to Action (CTAs) Included in Your Blog Post

Have you ever written an article or blog post and did not know how to conclude it with a bang? Usually, every piece of content on your blog post should communicate a message, whether it is to encourage more sales, contact for further information, or sign up for a newsletter.

Do not allow your blog posts and articles to fizzle out. Just as SEO titles are critical at the start of a blog post, CTAs are what you need to make a strong finish that will pitch that sale or hook that potential client.

What Will All These Do for Your Company?

If this question is pondering in your mind, then you are asking the right questions. Employing an SEO Writer to create content for your blog, webpage, or website should come with a wealth of benefits. Some of the rewards you should expect from an SEO content writing company include:

  • Saving Money: Say goodbye to expensive pay-per-click adverts. If you have been dependent on buying yourself the top spot-on Google, an SEO content writing company might save you your money in the long run. If correctly done, a fully SEO optimized blog or website should continue to attract traffic to your website organically for a more extended period than paying for a premium advertisement.
  • Reaching Your Target Audience: An experienced SEO content writing services company should understand precisely how to market your company according to your customers’ needs and wants. SEO writers know how to draw your potential customers and traffic from the customers to your website regularly. Whether your potential customer base happens to be tech-fanatics, fishermen, barbecue enthusiasts, or cycling fanatics, SEO content writing services writers create the right blog post to catch their attention.
  • Be Ahead of Your Competitors: If you are serious about your online business, you should be serious about engaging an SEO writer’s skill sets. If you still do not see the need, you might be falling behind. Top-notch SEO writing companies provide their customers with cutting edge content that promises to leave their competitors eating dust.
  • Have a Professional Look: In an industry saturated with services and businesses, your website needs to stand out. If your online presence spells old and weary, you are chasing away potential customers with no new information featuring regularly. But if visitors visit your website regularly and find further captivating details, you are building your brand as a reputable company. All of this should result in more sales and more profits.
  • Generate More Profits and Sales: This one is a no brainer, and we do not have to expound. High-quality online content equals high sales, which results in increased profits. Simple.
  • Avail You Some Valuable Time: As an entrepreneur, we understand you do not have the time to spend doing things that are not in your domain. SEO content writing services providers have years of experience in content writing and marketing. Something that could have taken you weeks or months should take them hours or days. By handing over SEO pressures to an expert, you can free yourself the time you can use to run your business.

Finding the Best SEO Content Writing Services Provider

A great SEO content writing services provider should create content with the best keywords for your field and provide readers with new information.

Articles and blog posts need to be informative, captivating, and shareable to effortlessly boost your readership numbers.

If your blog posts have too many spelling errors, keywords, or grammatical errors, they could be flagged as spam by search engine companies and deter readers from coming back.

Although SEO optimization appears to be an uncomplicated endeavor at first, a far-fetching amount of skills and expertise is required to achieve the best results.

To align your marketing strategy with the industry’s best practices, it is advisable to obtain content from a credible well-versed SEO content writing services provider.

Luckily, these well-versed professionals are near at hand – as long as you know where to look. With the click of a button, SEO content writing services providers help you get high-quality content by connecting you with industry professionals.

We have compiled a list of some of the best SEO content writing services providers that should help you get high-quality content for your website.

Verblio SEO content writing services provider
screenshot Verblio

1. Verblio


  • SEO
  • Video content
  • High-quality content
  • Agency options
  • US-based content writers
  • Topic brainstorming
  • Various types of content
  • Experts from diverse fields
  • Flexible subscription models

Verblio employs over 2000 US-based SEO content writers who provide an assortment of writing services for various industries’ websites.

As an SEO content services provider, Verblio works with writers with proficiency in various industries that ensure you get authoritative content for your website or blog post.

Verblio provides a wide array of content styles such as product descriptions, blog content, eBooks, articles, and even video content.

If you subscribe to their Pro Services, you get the content styles mentioned above and get topic ideas, SEO assistance, and even content strategy.

One of the things that make Verblio stand out from the crowd is that the writers choose to work on your topic on the platform.

All they require from you are submitting your topic and instructions, and interested writers will pick up the task according to their expertise. Once they submit the final work, you can choose the best from the various drafts and only pay for the article you choose.


  • Flexible plans for agencies, businesses, and individuals
  • Quality content from suitable industry professionals
  • It also offers video content
  • Allows you to choose the best draft of content submitted


  • A bit expensive


Verblio is a great platform to order your content regularly, especially with its considerate subscription plans. We like the fact Verblio allows you, the user, to select the content you feel best matches your company’s or brand’s voice.

SEO Butler screenshot
screenshot SEO Butler

2. SEO Butler


  • Guest posting
  • Various content types
  • Well-written content
  • Social signals
  • SEO writing
  • Written by native English speakers
  • Press release
  • Surfer optimized content
  • Bulk pricing
  • Citations
  • CRO optimized

SEO Butler is an SEO optimization platform with a lot to offer, including guest blogs, blogs, and SEO optimized content to incorporate into your website or blog post.

They deliver top-quality content compiled by native English speakers in the United Kingdom and the United States. SEO Butler’s content writers are proficient in SEO and conversion writing, hence availing writing web content that shapes conversations.

SEOButler is the cream of the crop of the SEO services industry and my go to whenever I need something outsourced. They know how to look after their customers and always provide a reliable and professional service.

– Ben Starr, Level Up Digital

The platform offers different content types, including buyers guide, general blog posts, affiliate product reviews, technical blog writing, buyers guide, guest posts, website content, and more.

The ordering process is simple and efficient, allowing you to pay at a cost per word. If your order is above 5000 words, SEO Butler offers a 10 percent discount, as well as bulk pricing for articles with larger than 10,000 words.


  • High-quality content
  • Bulk orders attract a discount.
  • Trained  CRO and SEO writers


  • A bit pricey


SEO Butler is one of the best platforms we have in the market. They provide high-quality content that is easy to order and have a team that is a pleasure to work with, according to our experience.

screenshot Hoth Blogger SEO content writing services
screenshot Hoth Blogger

3. Hoth Blogger


  • High-quality content
  • White label solutions
  • Topic ideation
  • 1 stock image per article
  • Unlimited revisions
  • SEO optimization
  • Optional direct publishing
  • Clean HTML formatting

The Hoth Blogger is one of the well-known SEO content writing services platforms as it offers a host of virtual products geared to improve your website.

They allow you to put your website on autopilot, in that your blog is updated with relevant content regularly without putting any effort on your side.

The Hoth Blogger platform offers well-written content that has been thoroughly researched. Since the Hoth Blogger is an SEO content writing services company, they assure you that your content is SEO optimized to bring traffic to your website, translating to money.

Although their writers are from diverse backgrounds, they are well-placed to write on any topic regardless of their complexity.

The Hoth Blogger also ensures content submitted by writers meet your formatting requirements before publishing the posts for you.


  • SEO included
  • Easy to order process
  • Reliable and high-quality writers
  • They offer direct publishing


  • A bit pricey


The Hoth Blogger is a well-known and trusted platform due to its reliable and high-quality SEO content writing services.

screenshot content cucumber
screenshot Content Cucumber

4. Content Cucumber


  • 1- 2-day turnaround time on content
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Full-time content writer
  • Satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • Most commonly used for email writing and blogs

Content Cucumber is another consistent SEO content writing services provider for landing pages, articles, website blogs, and more.

This platform is diverse from other platforms on this list, as you are not required to pay per article or per word, but instead per month.

If you sign-up to Content Cucumber, you are allocated one dedicated writer who will service all your writing projects at a flat monthly fee.

While Content Cucumber might not have various packages available, signing up on their monthly subscription affords you plenty of content.

They will assign you a writer who will work daily to produce as much content as you want, with unlimited revision requests.

Content Cucumber essentially allows you to employ a full-time designated writer who gets paid every month.


  • Experienced full-time writers
  • A bit cheaper than contracting a content writer
  • Within a month, you are liable for an unlimited amount of content.


  • Not a great option for smaller batches of content


If you are looking for an SEO content writing services platform that can deliver a large amount of content, Content Cucumber is the right platform for you. It is an affordable way to make use of an experienced writer for a month.

screenshot Writers Access
screenshot Writers Access

5. Writers Access


  • In-built Copyscape tester
  • Advanced and artificial intelligence writer (AI) search engine
  • White label solution
  • Offers writer’s portfolios with sample work
  • One-click integration
  • Performance ratings

Writers Access connects you with a pool of expert writers who ensure you quickly get the content your website requires. This SEO content writing services provider makes it easy to find and employ credible writers who can deliver excellent content for your niche and field.

Once you settle on a writer who matches your expectations, you can order the content at their rate and agree on your articles’ length, keywords, topic, and more.

Writers Access offers unlimited revisions; therefore, you can request article modifications if necessary.

The platform has an easy-to-use dashboard that ensures the content ordering process is simple and easy to manage. Writers Access also has a one-click integration tool that works with platforms such as WordPress and Hubspot.

This allows you to publish content directly from Writer Access.


  • Inexpensive software pricing
  • Search and employ writers for your field and budget
  • Easy publishing integrations
  • Avails samples and ratings to assist in the hiring process
  • Free trial


  • Subscription-based


Writers Access is an ideal SEO content writing services platform that connects you with credible writers with diverse backgrounds and prices if you are working on a budget and in need of regular content.

screenshot Hire Writers
screenshot Hire Writers

6. Hire Writers


  • Offers re-writing services
  • Offers transcription services
  • Offers credible content creation services
  • Offers various types of content

Hire Writers is another credible and affordable SEO content writing services provider. This platform connects you to professional content writers who offer a wide array of services at competitive rates.

The platform has a network of thousands of native English writers available for tasks of all nature.

Hire Writers provides an assortment of online writing options such as lyrics, re-writing options, poetry, eBook creation, social media management, blog content, data entry, and even translation services.

Signing up on the platform is free, and with your account, you can customize the content type that fits your budget and needs.

Content prices vary depending on the skillset (beginner, general, skilled, and expert) and the content writer’s ratings.


  • Inexpensive
  • Free sign-up process
  • Flat pricing rates


  • Restricted to certain countries


Hire Writers is one of the most affordable SEO content writing services platforms in the market today if you are looking for a cheap option.

screenshot WordAgents
screenshot WordAgents

7. WordAgents


  • Offer website, SEO, and e-commerce content
  • Offer bulk packages
  • 100% American writers
  • Blog


  • SEO content writing services provider
  • Fast 7 day delivery
  • 30% off your first order
  • Affordable pricing
  • Experience in various business fields


  • Ordering through packages


WordAgents are a great choice for an SEO content writing services provider because they managed to marry pricing with quality. Articles are well researched, SEO optimized, with well-positioned links. When you add fast delivery to the mix, you really can’t complain.

screenshot Text Goods
screenshot Text Goods

8. Text Goods


  • 150 quality writers and editors
  • Fast delivery
  • Offer response, pillar and staple posts
  • Offer search analysis of niche


  • Free revisions
  • Diverse writers from all walks of life
  • You can order a single article


  • Pricey

Thanks so much for the first six posts. They are awesome. Right on point, quality information and I really liked the writing style. Great Job. Looking forward to the other 9.

Really pumped now.

If anyone is looking for quality content with a trusted P24 member, connect with TextGoods!

@Coolcopters, Project 24 Member


For beginners, this is a great start with the world of SEO content writing services. You can order an analysis of your niche and Text Goods will come up with article titles for you. If you are hesitant to buy large packages, you can start with a single pillar post and test them out.


Why gamble with SEO content writing services providers who are not vast with the industry and do not promise you success in the online domain? Consider these best SEO content writing services to update your website or blog regularly.

Whether you need email copy, landing page content, blog content, articles, or more, these SEO content writing services providers have the skillset to take the hustle of content creation off your plate.

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