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Alpha Investors Review — Trusted Website Building Service

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Alpha Investors review

My pseudonym is Vladowsky, and I have decided to write my first review ever — the Alpha Investors review.

I was looking to invest some money in websites, and regularly check on well known online marketplace Flippa.
I saw Alpha Investors ad in the newsletter for Build, buy, or sell a profitable online business. Most precisely — Affiliate sites.
I was a little skeptical about the ad and had thoughts like — that must be some Russians, but decided to give it a shot.

Alpha Investors claim that they “Focus only on one thing (building/growing content sites) and do it better than anyone else.”


They have 3 packages available – Alpha, Beta and Omega.

I went with the Beta package and it turned out to be a great decision.

Packages differences are in the amount of content and each includes niche research and free domain, professional design, and setup.
Once I finished a quick survey about my niche preferences, Andrey contacted me and introduced me to project manager Danijel.
I mentioned a few niches and he helped me choose Prepping — and site was born.

Andrey has a great personal story about building an online business and beside Alpha investors he runs Investors Club for buying and selling websites pricing in 6 digits.

It is a funny thing that I was thinking Alpha investors was from Russia as it turned out that Andrey and some of the team members were practically my neighbors that I never heard of (in Osijek, Croatia).

In Alpha investors member area I got a detailed description of my project by steps and access to the folder with project data, and free access to Authority SEO, and Blog Accelerator courses.

I also got a milestone document where they suggest how the site would grow over a period of two years.
It was not some get quick rich scheme but serious elaborate — quality (and expensive) content must be added regularly to please the “Big G“.
So if you think that your site will immediately bring in money, you would be wrong. It takes time to get organic traffic/traction.
In most cases, you can expect to start getting some ROI after 3-4 months of continuous work.

Alpha Investors dashboard

They claimed that turnaround time for my Beta package is 30-40 days.
OK, I thought to myself and almost forgot about them for a few days.
After a while I checked the project folder they created for me at Google Drive and there were some documents there already.
To my surprise, there was a document about niche research different from what we agreed on — for Work from home niche.

Destiny obviously intervened since I have been working from home for 13 years long before it hit mainstream.
I had some megalomaniac ideas about creating a site better than Fiverr but never found the right people for that project.
The idea struck me — my project Workooze could become a Work from home portal, but with emphasis on affiliate and content marketing.

It turned out that the file was left by mistake, but Andrey and the team weren’t upset much about that. So, I bought one site but got another one practically for free.

They continued with site development and in less than a month, the site was ready — some informational articles and buying guides.
I started to read and I was very pleasantly surprised how well the topics are researched and presented.
Articles are readable and clean, perfect design for affiliate business where the name of the game is conversions.
Later I watched some video where Authority Hacker reviewed Alpha Investors services, and find that I agree with everything they said.

Authority Hacker reviewing Alpha Investors

For my other site (this site) I contacted a long friend of mine who agreed to help me and try to write additional content.
That too turned out great because not only did I get a content creator, but an eager lady who can act as a project manager.

After a while Andrey introduced content creation service on existing sites, so I hired them again for my other projects (Astrology and tarot portal – AstroTarot).
They are planning an affiliate program of their own, which i really look forward to!

But don’t take my words for granted, look for yourself. Buy one of 3 packages available – Alpha, Beta and Omega, and enter the world of online business.

UPDATE: Alpha Investors now have affiliate program with provisions from 10% up to 25%. To join contact Andrey. I did, obviously:)

As a conclusion I can only say an old saying about Andrey and Alpha Investors:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Urban Dictionary

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