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Best Jobs for Pregnant Women [12 Work from Home Ideas]

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Are you looking for the best jobs for pregnant women? You’re in luck because this is the best time in history to find online jobs if you want to work from home while taking it easy.

Remote work has always been present. There were always freelancers and IT guys working quietly from coffee shops, but mostly as a backdrop in the employment landscape.

Strangely enough, the coronavirus crisis changed everything for the better, I dare say. Work from home job opportunities are pushed to the front and easily accessible to everybody in need of employment. As there are more and more people working from home, there are more jobs created to fill the need. Not to mention the advances in technology that made everything possible.

Throughout history, pregnant women had fewer options for finding work. Today, you are faced with so many options that it’s going to be hard to choose.


Before you start applying for jobs for pregnant women

The job hunt process is always the same.

Firstly, as a pregnant woman, you should think about what kind of job you are looking for. Decide whether you want to work full time or only a few hours a day? Are you interested in working in the evenings or only on the weekends?  Think about the workload and the time you can put in because you should tell your future employer before you commit.

Next, you should polish your resume. It’s OK if you don’t have any educational background because you can list your positive personal traits as advantages. These are called soft skills, and they are in demand. For example, being talkative is a plus for a customer service job. Having a positive, outgoing personality is a huge bonus.

Look at some online job ads and read the requirements. Maybe you could upgrade some of your skills or finish a quick online course to put on your resume. Google and Facebook offer free online courses that are quick and easy to finish. Having a certificate issued by these giant companies is highly desirable in today’s job market.

Then, before you get hired, you should prepare for an interview. Online hiring usually involves a job interview is done over Skype. This is the time you have to decide if you are going to tell your employer that you are pregnant. If you are applying for a one-time gig, there is no need for oversharing as well. In a Skype interview, it is easy not to notice the belly bump, so it’s really up to you.

By law, you don’t have to share that information and the employer is forbidden to discriminate against you based on pregnancy. You can refer to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) of 1979. This means there should be no obstacles for you to find jobs for pregnant women and you shouldn’t be fired if you are pregnant. For more guidance and related issues about jobs for pregnant women, pregnancy, maternity, and parental leave please check the website of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

online jobs for pregnant women
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Best jobs for pregnant women

Pregnant women should look for online work with a flexible schedule. Jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home are abundant right now because many companies are forced to do their business online. You can be happy about the many job advertisements posted online, but be aware that there is a lot of competition as well.

Coronavirus pandemic changed a lot of lives and a lot of people are struggling to find work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in October 2020, jobs 15.1 million people said they lost because their employers closed down. There are now 26.2 million people working part-time, which is a significant increase. Welcome to the club.

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1. Social Media Manager

In case you haven’t noticed there are a ton of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are just one of them. If you really want to be social, you simply have to use LinkedIn, YouTube and don’t forget TikTok. Buffer listed whopping 21 top social media sites. Who knew?

A lot of businesses need all their social media accounts managed because they don’t have the necessary skills or time to do it themselves. After all, running a business successfully doesn’t leave you a lot of free time.

This is one of those perfect jobs for pregnant women because you are probably already glued to your phone, constantly checking messages, posting photos, and scrolling through the Facebook feed. Well, you could keep doing it for other people and get paid.

Friends and family are always great for first-time employers if you are a beginner social media manager. When you build up your portfolio, move on to bigger fish.

If you know a local business with elderly owners, good chances are they would be interested in spreading the good word about their business through the social media grapevine.

Your next step could be growing your business if you are up for it with a growing family.

If you are serious about becoming a top-notch social media manager, you are looking at a potentially high salary. Depending on who your clients are, you can expect an income of $1000 each month.

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2. Customer Service

Even before the COVID pandemic, companies outsourced their customer service. This is an old practice by mega-companies like Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, etc.

According to Glassdoor, you can earn from $36.000 per year as an Apple Customer Service Representative and get all the benefits and perks as a regular office employee. All jobs for pregnant women should offer the same benefits as their male counterparts. So, this career is a good choice for all pregnant women who are talkative, calm, and can handle angry customers. A nice phone voice is welcome.

Jobs for pregnant women involving customer service can be found on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, SimplyHired, Asurion, etc.

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3. Virtual Assistant

There is always a need for a good assistant, whether it is companies or a private person looking. A virtual assistant does all the work as a traditional one, just online. Nowadays, people are forced to move their entire business online, so virtual assistants will be highly sought after.

These jobs for pregnant women can be full time or part-time. Sometimes employers need help with a particular job and you can get hired for a week or a month until its completion.

Since working from home is a must for jobs for pregnant women, this is a great option. If you are already familiar with office work, accounting, etc. you should definitely apply. Skilled and reliable virtual assistants can earn a lot of money and are always in demand.

Before you embark on assisting adventures, make sure you meet some of the requirements for this high-demanding job. Here, we ask you to seriously consider upgrading your existing home office setup:

Home office Security

Your new employer will demand a secure environment for their important data. You should look into acquiring Goose VPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, or Surfshark VPN to avoid getting hacked and, eventually, fired.

Home office Storage

It goes without saying that you will have to acquire enough storage to safeguard all your client’s files. Without storage you will have to juggle multiple files, deleting old ones to make room for new ones and getting a headache in the process. Degoo Premium and Degoo Premium Mega are the right solutions for everyone working from home and worrying about sufficient storage.

Ad blocking software

Ads can be malicious and are always annoying. There is no need to add extra stress to your workday. AdGuard will help you work effortlessly and safely.

Virtual assistant job offers can be found on Remote, Upwork, Indeed, Flexjobs, etc.

work from home jobs for pregnant women
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4. Freelance writer

Becoming a freelance writer is one of the best jobs for pregnant women. You get to choose everything — your employer, your schedule, type of work, and the pay even.

Some pregnant women have already some experience with freelancing, and it’s always a great plan B. Now that you’re expecting, you can put all your efforts into building a freelancing career that you’ll be able to enjoy in the future.

Freelancers are in demand. You can check new jobs for pregnant women on Upwork. For more details on how to successfully land a job and beat the competition on Upwork read this Upwork Guide.

5. Blogger

Becoming a blogger sounds too modern and out there, I know. But, online opportunities create one of the best jobs for pregnant women. Think about it. You get to choose when you write, what you write about and you’re your own boss. These are all upsides in my book. Plus, you’re building a passive income that can sustain you for years to come.

Before you start typing away, learn a thing or two about building a profitable blog, because this makes all the difference. Find a profitable niche. There’s no use in writing just for fun now that you’re expecting. To get more readers you can become an SEO specialist with online resources (mostly free). Also, learn all that you can about affiliate marketing (especially Amazon), Facebook ads, etc. Pick up the book The Unlimited Income to learn more.

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6. Romance Novel Writer

Amazon publishing offers a unique opportunity to earn money online. Becoming a writer is now easier than ever. You just write and they publish. Online jobs for pregnant women can also be creative and fun.

Of course, depending on the quality of your work, you either will or won’t become a best-selling author and earn a fortune. I advise all pregnant women to try it. We all have a romance story in us or know a great one. You should put it on paper and share it with the world. Romance novels are trendy, and amazingly people can’t get enough of them.

With a few tricks of the trade, I explained in my article How to instantly self-publish on Amazon in 2020 every pregnant woman can become a prolific romance novel writer.

there are many jobs for pregnant women
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7. Dropshipper

Becoming a dropshipper may be an unusual career path, but it can be a very lucrative one. In the article Why is Dropshipping Business Tempting you will find all the information you need to persuade you to build an online business empire.

Best jobs for pregnant women should look a lot like dropshipping. You can do as little or as much as you like, all depending on your schedule. Dropshipping requires little initial investment, effort, and time. There is no need for a formal education background. You can learn the ropes as you go. Think small (baby) steps.

8. Take surveys

Taking surveys can be a great job for pregnant women because it takes up very little of your time. Another plus side is that this is as far from hard, stressful work as you can get. Unfortunately, you don’t get paid a lot as well.

You can find online surveys on Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, etc.

9. Website tester

Websites in need of testing and troubleshooting will post online job ads on Userfeel, Usertesting, and Userlytics.

If you apply for this kind of work, expect it to be a short gig. You will be asked to record or take notes of your website usage process and report any issues you may find.

10. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist jobs for pregnant women are another job option when you want to choose your own schedule. Working only a few hours a day is sometimes all that pregnant women can take.

To help you decide if this is the right job for you, take a quick and free quiz by Transcription Certification Institute.

Transcriptionist jobs for pregnant women are advertised on Scribie, TranscribeMe, Daily Transcription, Go Transcript, GRM Transcription, etc. You may be asked to complete some basic training and pass an exam. The standard threshold is 50 wpm. If you need help practicing there is a great website called 10 fast fingers. A few minutes of practice each day should suffice to reach the advanced level.

This is a great opportunity for extra income. As a certified medical or legal transcriptionist, pregnant women can earn more money and actually make a living.

11. Teacher/Tutor

As a native English speaker, you are in an advantageous position. You can teach English online to a worldwide audience. Many students in all corners of the world want a native speaker as a teacher or private tutor.

You can find teaching jobs on preply, cambly, indeed, etc. For those who are willing to relocate, there are plenty of opportunities overseas, especially in China.

Closely related to the teaching field is translating. If you are multilingual, you can easily find translating jobs for pregnant women.

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12. Photographer

This is an out-of-box idea to get you thinking about other possibilities.

Selling photos and videos online can be a nice passive income and a profitable business through royalties. There is no need for photography courses or a college degree. You can take photos as a nice pastime or a full-time job.

We all own smartphones that can take photos and videos in HD. There is no need for buying extra equipment. You are all set to go.

Because royalties vary from agency to agency, you should shop around. I recommend trying pond5 because they offer high commissions for exclusive contracts, and based on positive photographers’ reviews.

There are many more out-of-box ideas for online jobs. You don’t need a lot of imagination. Just browse through posted job ads and you can find gems like a tarot card reader. Even if you’re not into zodiac signs (maybe they offer training).

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How to recognize Scams?

Unfortunately, with many new types of online jobs, a whole new class of con artists emerged. Pregnant women should be just as careful about being conned as anybody because con artists don’t discriminate.

If a job process isn’t like a traditional one, be careful. If you feel hurried, this is not a great job opportunity, but probably a scam. If an employer asks you to do work before signing a contract, don’t work for free. If you are asked to pay for anything upfront, this is definitely a scam.

Scammers prey on the desperate unemployed people because they are willing to overlook some clear red flags in hope of getting a job.

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“Good things come to those who wait.”


Modern times offer many online job opportunities. This is great news for everybody looking for work from home jobs, especially pregnant women. There are more companies than ever looking for remote employees and more and more jobs are being created as we speak.

A lot of work from home jobs for pregnant women don’t require education or previous job experience. A huge advantage of online jobs for pregnant women is the freedom to choose the work schedule. You can work when it is convenient for you and focus on your family for the rest of the day.

Over time your part-time online job can evolve into a lucrative business. Sometimes from despair comes the perfect opportunity to grow your business empire online.

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