16 Best SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimization)

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16 Best SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have any sort of online presence, you know that search engine optimization is imperative to get your content seen. However, it is not an easy task, especially if you are unfamiliar with SEO tools or how to get started.

Luckily, there are SEO tools online to help. Below, we have compiled a list of what experts believe are the best SEO tools on the market. If you are struggling to decide which SEO tools are best for your business, read on!

Why Are SEO Tools Necessary?

SEO tools provide you with alerts and data concerning the success rate and interaction on your website. They help you identify where you might be lagging and what issues prevent you from earning higher rankings, more visitors, and more online traffic.

SEO tools make data analysis easy. They can display where you need some help and what weaknesses your website might have. Most SEO tools also provide commentary on competitors and show you how you can better compare to them.

SEO tools can assess more than one website almost instantaneously and save entrepreneurs with more than one website loads of time! They also compare search performance in different languages, countries, and geographical areas, helping you target your SEO more effectively.

The 16 Best SEO Tools Available Today

Here it is! The list of the 16 best SEO tools available on the market today. Each of the products that we review below has different strengths and weaknesses, so study them carefully to determine the best product for your online presence.

SEO tools - SEMRush
Screenshot SEMRush

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the online SEO tools that experts love. A highlight is the Domain Vs. Domain analysis feature, which compares your website to your competitors and suggests where your website might be lacking. This allows you to focus your attention on becoming better than your competitors and earning more leads.

SEMRush also has a feature called the On-Page SEO Checker, which allows you to assess your rankings in search engines and show you a ranking opportunity that you might be missing.

Another tool available on SEMRush is the Organic Traffic Insights tool. It shows you your leading articles, main keywords, word count, and shares on social media, all on one easy-to-read dashboard. This SEO optimizer is easy to understand, and by implementing its suggestions, you can streamline your on-site SEO.


  • Domain Vs. Domain analysis tool
  • On-Page SEO Checker tool
  • Displays data & traffic statistics
  • Provides analysis of keywords and domain
Ahrefs SEO tool
Screenshot Ahrefs

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the second largest online website crawler, second only to Google. People love this platform, and it is one of the most popular SEO tools used on the internet. The best part about this tool is its Site Audit feature.

Site Audit including a full analysis of what your website needs to do to improve. It finds and checks broken links within your website, gives you an overview of which pages are performing best, and shows you the most linked content within your niche.

Additionally, you can use this feature to see which backlinks your competitors are using and insert them into your website, too. Ahref has the biggest backlink database and will show you which sites have been backlinked to your competitors but not to you.

This is one of the SEO tools that is highly recommended if you are looking to increase your website’s traffic quality, not just the quantity.


  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword optimization
  • Competitor comparisons
  • SEO auditing
  • Analysis of your virtual content

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an excellent tool to use for SEO optimization, and the best part is that if you own a website, it is entirely free to use. This Google feature allows you to monitor your website’s performance and location in Google’s search engine results pages.

To use this feature, all you have to do is verify that you own the website by either adding a code to your website or submitting your indexing sitemap through Google Analytics. With a Search Console account, you can control how your website is shown on google and how it is indexed.

Additionally, this SEO tool helps you understand how Google searches work and how you are represented in search results. New websites benefit the most from this tool since it allows you to submit your new web page for search indexing.


  • Monitor your presence on Google’s search engine results pages
  • Submit your web page for search indexing
  • Control how your website is represented on Google
  • Free to use for any website owner
Moz Pro SEO tool
Screenshot Moz Pro

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an SEO software that experts rave about. Customers love that it is always up to date even though google algorithms are continually changing. The website features a chat portal that allows you to ask questions directly and get help.

Moz Pro features site crawling, keyword optimization, website performance feedback, optimization suggestions, and competitor site comparison. It also allows you to see which pages and keywords competitors are thriving on and give you exact suggestions on improving the SEO of each page on your site.

One feature that Moz Pro includes is the MozBar tool. It is a downloadable toolbar that you can use to see your website’s metrics from any page on the web. It allows for custom searches across engines, regions, or countries.

It shows metrics across pages while viewing any search engine results page. It also has an on-page highlighter that points out different keywords and links on a page, and it provides you with authority scores and data export abilities.

Additionally, Moz Pro holds a conference each year called MozCon, where you can learn marketing techniques from industry leaders in SEO tools, conversation optimization, local search, and much more. 


  • Chat Portal
  • MozBar toolbar
  • MozCon conference
  • Competitor site comparison
  • Specific SEO optimization tips on each website page
Screenshot KWFinder

5. KWFinder

KWFinder is a keyword finder optimization tool. It finds long-tail keywords for you that have less competition. The tool finds the optimum keywords for your content, and it runs reports on search engine results pages and website backlinks.

KWFinder features a Rank Tracker tool that allows you to see your ranking and track your improvement over time. It also provides you with keyword ideas to make your content creation more comfortable and more effective.

The keyword optimization tools show you suggestions for related keywords and tell you how they compare with other words, such as the volume, difficulty, and cost-per-click data of the term. This kind of SEO tools is beneficial for companies struggling with keyword optimization that are looking to tackle significant terms and the lower, more focused terms.


  • Finds long-tail keywords
  • Analyses backlinks
  • Analyzes search engine results pages
  • Shoes your ranking based on one critical metric
  • Offers suggestions on keywords to include on your website
Screenshot Ubersuggest

6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is another keyword optimization tool. It is a free keyword finder that allows you to determine if a keyword is worth using and how much of a difference it will make on your page. It will enable you to identify the search intent behind specific keywords by showing how they rank in search engine results pages.

Short and long-tail phrases are gathered with this tool, and they provide hundreds of suggestions on what you need to include. Ubersuggest includes many metrics in its personal reports, including competition, cost-per-click (CPC) analysis, seasonal trends, keyword repetition, and more.

These techniques presented by Ubersuggest allow you to reverse engineer the marketing strategies that your competitors are using and boost your site. Plus, it comes from SEO guru Neil Patel.


  • Keyword competition analysis
  • Suitable for both organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click
  • Provides hundreds of keyword suggestions
  • Keyword trends, repetition, and CPC analysis
Screenshot Majestic

7. Majestic

SEO tools can be very versatile. This SEO marketing tool contains hundreds of helpful features. Some of the noteworthy features include The Majestic Million, which allows you to see if your website is included in the top one million websites. Another is called the Site Explorer Feature, which shows you a site overview including target keywords, number of backlinks, site comparisons, and rank tracking.

Majestic also allows you to add your website and competitors’ websites and quickly compare the SEO metrics between the two, such as external backlinks, trust flow, and domain referral count. You can see where your website is lacking and how your competitors lack so that you can be one step ahead of them.


  • Known for its backlink tracking
  • Competitor SEO comparison
  • Top million website chart
  • Provides data in an easy to understand way
Screenshot SpyFu

8. SpyFu

SpyFu comes with both a free and a premium version, and both SEO tools produce great results! Most new businesses begin with the free features and upgrade to premium as they grow. Some features that SpyFu includes keyword monthly search statistics, keyword difficulty rankings, and competitor keyword usage.

SpyFu has some of the most detailed SEO analysis data available. It allows you to see a plethora of information about your competitors. You can see which campaigns they are running on Google, how many visitors they get each month, how many organic keywords they are using, who their main competitors are, and more!

With this information, you can see your competitors’ entire SEO marketing strategy. You can view what they are paying for and what traffic they have organically accumulated. You can also address their keyword groupings and find their highest-ranking keywords.


  • Most detailed SEO analysis available
  • Free and premium version
  • Shows competitors full SEO strategy
  • Easy to use and understand
Screenshot SEOQuake

9. SEOQuake

Many online users consider SEOQuake to be one of the best free SEO tools available. It is downloaded through a Google Chrome browser extension and gives you instant SEO metrics on any search engine results page or website you visit. It also compares you to your competitor websites and displays how you are performing against them. It also highlights your internal and external links and audits how they are being used.

Additionally, SEOQuake includes keyword analysis and consists of a dashboard that allows you to download the data they have derived from you. It includes an overlay feature that helps you visualize key SEO metrics on any web page. All things considered, this tool is excellent for website owners not wanting to spend any money on their SEO tools.


  • Free to use
  • Browser extension
  • Website metric overlay
  • Compares you with competitors
  • Keyword analysis
Screenshot Siteliner

10. Siteliner

Siteliner is an SEO checker that allows you to find duplicate content within your webpage. If you have identical content or plagiarized information, Siteliner will let you know. This feature sets Siteliner apart from other SEO tools since Google penalizes websites for duplicating content.

This particular type of SEO tool scans your website for not only duplicate content but things such as broken links, internal page links, page speeds and sizes, and more. It also compares your websites with the others that it has checked and shows you where you stand among them.

This SEO tool is available in both a free and a paid version and is a great starting point for SEO improvement. 


  • Alerts you of duplicate content
  • Comes in a free or a paid version
  • Great beginning SEO tool for newer websites
Screenshot Screaming Frog

11. Screaming Frog

SEO tools can be used for auditing only. Screaming Frog is one of the fastest auditing sites available for SEO. It works instantaneously and displays a wide variety of information. Their SEO Spider tool is a crawler that audits your website and sends you data on your SEO mistakes. It comes in both a free and paid version.

The SEO Spider tool can find and expert server errors and broken links and export the errors to a developer or source URLs to fix. It shows you duplicate content and low content pages. You can extract data from any website, visit sites blocked by robots, find redirects, generate XML Sitemaps and Image XML Sitemaps, visualize site architecture, and more!

This website is fast and advanced, sending you data about every aspect of your website and allowing you to access information that you might otherwise not be able to. The Screaming Frog SEO tool is perfect for any business owner trying to find in-depth data at incredible speeds.


  • Extremely fast auditing
  • Duplicate content
  • Visit blocked sites
  • Find redirects
  • Generate XML Sitemaps
Screenshot Serpstat

12. Serpstat

One of the more versatile SEO tools, Serpstat is an incredible, all-in-one growth-hacking tool that is available for PPC, content marketing, and SEO optimization. It comes with tons of useful features.

Keyword research is one of its many features. Serpstat shows you which keywords you need to use and determines the value of each keyword. It also finds keyword variations, analyzes trends, checks the relevance of your website, and displays international data.

Another feature is search analytics. Serpstat discovers your organic competitors and compares your SEO tactics to theirs. It compares you with up to 200 other domains and presents visibility scores for each. It also suggests relevant content that your website might benefit from based on your niche and displays your potential traffic on each of your websites.

With Serpstat, you also can monitor your competitor’s rankings daily. You can get daily feedback on top keywords and their relevance on different search engine results pages. Not only can you use all of these features, but you can also discover domain gaps, fix issues on your site, improve your crawl rate, analyzing backlinking, and more!

This SEO tool seems to have almost everything that an online website and business owner would ever need for search engine optimization.


  • Keyword research
  • Search analytics
  • Content marketing ideation
  • Competitor comparison
  • Rank tracking
Screenshot Fat Rank

13. Fat Rank

This SEO optimizer is a simple Chrome extension that helps with keyword optimization. It displays your keywords ranking and allows you to adjust your keywords to improve your search engine results page rankings.

To use Fat Rank, you add the extension into Google Chrome, visit any web page, and type in any keyword or phrase. The extension will display the ranking position in Google for that domain and show you where in ranks. This tool will display the top 100 positions for any given keyword or phrase, and if you do not see your website in those rankings, you know that you need to adjust your keywords.

Fat Rank is an easy-to-use tool perfect for competitor research and generating quick ranking reports. It is incredibly accurate and provides you with live ranking analysis. Although Fat Rank has fewer features than many of the other SEO tools on our list, it is easy to use and perfect for people looking mainly to optimize their keyword ranking and effectiveness.


  • Chrome extension
  • Keyword optimization
  • Live and accurate ranking data
Screenshot AWR Cloud

14. AWR Cloud

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) Cloud prides itself in being an excellent and accurate ranking SEO tool. The website does keyword analysis, website crawling, and website ranking monitoring. It shows you which sites are top ranking, which sites are still doing well, and which sites are struggling to stay relevant on search engine results pages.

The tool alerts you on rankings across websites and search engines on particular keywords or topics. You can continuously see a live view of the relevancy of keywords and which are uprising versus down sliding. It uses Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and ad hoc keyword research.

AWR Cloud does not have as many features as some of our top tools on this page, but it is perfect for small to medium-sized digital marketers looking for fairly-priced and highly accurate SEO tools.


  • Keyword analysis
  • Live keyword relevancy and analysis statistics
  • Competitor website ranking monitoring
Screenshot Woorank

15. Woorank

Woorank is an SEO tool that comes in both a free and a more advanced paid version. It allows you to track your marketing data over time. You can compare your website to your competitors and see which keywords are working best for them so that you can integrate them into your own site.

This tool helps you rise in search engine result page rankings and relevance by helping you understand how keywords perform over time and how to optimize them most productively. It shows you an in-depth analysis of where your website is lacking both content-wise and technical-wise. You can identify security problems, duplicate content, downtime, and Woorank will give you tips on how to fix them.

Woorank analyzes over 50 million websites across 107 countries. You can customize exactly what data you want your reports to highlight to have the exact data you need. If you are looking for SEO tools with in-depth analysis, look no further.


  • Free and paid version
  • Tracks marketing data over time
  • Customizable data results
  • Shows where your website is lacking in content and technicality
Screenshot Answer The Public

16. Answer The Public

Some SEO tools are specifically useful for blog posts. Answer The Public presents you with a goldmine of ideas for content creation. It analyzes data from search engines and pulls useful phrases, questions, and topics relating to your specific keywords or niche.

Answer The Public helps content creators create exciting, relevant, useful, and sought-after content relating to their products and services. SEO tools can analyze how people use Google, which topics they search for, and which queries people what but that you might not think of.

This kind of SEO tools is innovative and useful for bloggers and content creators. It is beneficial for people who outsource their websites’ content through freelancers since all you have to do is generate topics through Answer The Public, then send the results off to your chosen writer.


  • Presents questions surrounding keywords
  • Helps you come up with relevant content ideas
  • Reveals what people are actually searching for online
  • Increase website visits

Final Thoughts

We covered a lot in this review of the 16 best SEO tools on the internet today. A lot goes into creating a website and keeping it competitive and relevant. Even with the help of SEO tools, it takes a lot of work to get the web results you desire. You have to put in the time and effort to produce optimal content, but the results can be life-changing for you and your company.

With the use of SEO tools, you can help your business rise to the top and optimize all of your website interactions.  Try out some of the SEO tools mentioned and skyrocket the growth of your website. Success is just a few clicks away!

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