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Premium Chat – The Unbeatable Best Tool for Getting Paid to Chat

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Premium Chat

Whether it’s chatting with fans, followers, family, or clientele – Premium Chat is the premier chat service that empowers users.

Premium Chat boasts an impressive suite of on-demand paid billing services. There are many applications for the integration of the Premium Chat provider into one’s business or side hustle, and even more, the sign-up process is fast and secure.

Chat are veterans in the Pay Per Call phone billing industry since 1997, with a reputation for honesty, and integrity has been serving individuals, small and medium sized businesses and fortune 500 companies for many years.

Below you will learn more about Premium Chat, as well as how and why this can be a beneficial service for you or your company. Keep reading to see what we have to say in our Premium Chat review.

What is Premium Chat?

Premium Chat is an online paid chat platform.

In an era where online companies are vying for your time and attention, Premium Chat distinguishes itself from other services. Getting started on Premium Chat is a free and easy process.

The potential for success is massive if the chat service is artfully integrated into a company’s business offering. The Premium Chat company takes this into account and only charges its commission if the user earns revenue on its platform.

This commission-based model is very different from most software-as-a-service companies, where a monthly subscription is required. A deeper dive into the Premium Chat company reveals that this is par for the course. Premium Chat is a no-strings service that wants its users to maximize earnings and get paid online.

How Premium Chat Benefits Your Business

The accessibility and flexibility of Premium Chat’s services can be a reliable tool in any business’s sales funnel. Premium Chat’s platform facilitates to engage and nurture the growth of an audience.

Building brand loyalty is a much sought after goal of companies. Using Premium Chat’s pay-per-minute service is a skillful example of bridging the gap and driving conversions.

A potential customer looking to try out a service or platform will be more likely to buy after investing time and money into a specialized demo. In that same vein, a ten-minute consultation on Premium Chat may convince prospects to look for a new coach or tutor.

Promote Goods and Services Remotely

As companies adjust to the pandemic and its effects on the global markets, remote work has become the norm. With the rise of telecommuting and remote communication technology, working from home is on the rise.

Premium Chat’s functionality can be a powerful resource for employers to continue their business operations from home. Launched in May 2020, the integration of paid video calling came in response to what has been a worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic.

The capability of allowing in-app billing during a live video call is a specialty of the Premium Chat platform. This enables professionals to monetize their time regardless of occupation. Set the prices and bill by the minute or charge a flat-fee per video call. No invoice or payment reminders necessary.

Before spending capital on enterprise-level software for one’s business, try Premium Video Chat risk-free. There is no software to download and no subscription fee for the service. The only cost is a small percentage of sales made directly on Premium Chat’s platform.

Tired of convoluted instructions to get clients into the chat? Send a link for customers to click, or embed a chat widget on the corporate site. Tap into the wealth of knowledge Premium Chat provides on their blog to learn how to leverage their online paid chat platform to earn more revenue.

Who Can Use Premium Chat to Earn Money?

Premium Chat is a powerful tool for business owners to promote their goods and services. There is limitless potential for users trying to get paid to chat. Whether it is to cultivate a brand identity, add a revenue stream to one’s website, or provide followers with a means to communicate, there is an opportunity for anyone to earn money with Premium Chat.

Tik Tok screenshot
Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

Instagram & TikTok Influencers

Providing fans with a means of direct communication is an effective way influencers monetize their following. Instagram and TikTok influencers can tap into a reliable stream of income by offering their community an opportunity to have a private conversation.

Life Coaches & Self-Improvement Gurus

According to, the self-improvement market consists of $11 billion. In a growing market of this scale, the competition for life coaches is tremendous. Premium Chat is precisely the right kind of tool that empowers life coaches to distinguish themselves from the competition by increasing engagement and authority in their niche.

online learning
Photo by Mohammad Shahhosseini on Unsplash

Online Counseling for Therapists and Social Workers

It is no secret that the preferred means of communication have changed with the advent of millennials and generation z. This trend, combined with the emergence of COVID-19, has made in-office therapy sessions and doctor appointments a challenge. After almost a year of lockdowns and isolation, the mental health of many has taken a plunge.

Premium Chat can solve the lack of mental health counseling by bringing the therapist to the patient’s home.

For counselors looking to build their practice, adding Premium Chat’s service to one’s toolbox is a lucrative way to expand. The web-based chat app offers various ways to shape one’s services to their clientele’s needs.

Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

Access to gyms is severely limited, and one-on-one sessions can put clients and trainers at risk. Premium Chat solves this by allowing for individual or group video call sessions.

Continue to build and train clients by diversifying the lesson to account for working out at home. Host a yoga class and help clients transcend the four walls of their home. Teach a class on how to meditate and maintain their physical health through the lockdown.

Psychics and Astrologers

The trial and error of acquiring new clients for psychic or astrological readings can be a challenging process. Premium Chat’s platform instantly connects users with the client, allowing the user to provide their psychic reading without the anxiety of managing the billing.

Psychics can get paid to chat by publishing their Premium Chat custom widget on their platform, website, newsletter, or profile. Find security in knowing that the financial transaction is secure and complete before the chat begins.


The role of a consultant in any market or field of expertise is a valuable one. Use Premium Chat’s services to maintain face to face appointments from the comfort of home.

Taking full advantage of an on-demand paid billing platform can mean growing one’s customer base. By posting one’s Premium Chat widget and sharing it across social media, consultants can acquire customers they would have never had access to otherwise.

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Premium Chat Features

The following are extra special features Premium Chat includes in its platform. These features can be accessed by any user of the top chat service and can be used to earn more money or bolster your customer communications and security.

Superoffice reports that every business can only benefit from incorporating chat — from major banks to small e-commerce set ups.

Premium Chat Scheduling

Proper time management is a cornerstone of entrepreneurial success. Premium Chat provides users with the ability to integrate the chat service into their schedule. At a minimum, the settings function allows users to indicate whether they are online or offline. Active users can manage the custom scheduling option and automate when they can take paid chat calls.

Resources & Promotion

Premium Chat goes above and beyond the call to ensure its users have access to outstanding resources with its library of content. The platform’s blog section provides tips and guides for new users or users thinking about expanding their businesses.

Followers of Premium Chat’s Twitter account @premiumchatapp will see daily tweets welcoming new members to the platform. The powerful chat platform’s Twitter account also provides tips and guides for users looking to get paid to chat.

No Bots Needed

Everyone knows what it feels like when making a customer service call, or initiating a customer service chat, only to be led into a maze of automated options—repeating the same sentences, being misunderstood by the AI, being on hold for minutes at a time.

Premium Chat’s on-demand service eliminates this frustration. By charging a fee for the call, a prospect typically intends to make a purchase decision. This transaction enhances the entire dynamic between the business and the customer. It weeds out unserious buyers or browsers and strengthens the call to action.

From a potential customer’s point of view, immediate access to the service or goods provider is indicative of a trustworthy professional. Implementing Premium Chat’s services is a simple yet effective way to build a more personal relationship with one’s customer and audience base.

Instant and Secure Access

Premium Chat’s messaging and payment processing uses end-to-end 2Factor authentication to protect its users. Customers can safely use and store their payment info with the knowledge that it will remain confidential and easy to return to for repeat sessions.

The Premium Chat user experience is beautifully simple and easy to use. The user-friendly experience makes it the ultimate option for customers and clients. The entirety of the Premium Chat experience rests solely between the user and client/customer.

Two-Tier Referral Program

An exciting offer that Premium Chat provides, in addition to the primary services, is the referral program. In addition to getting paid to chat online, the referral program encourages users to be ambassadors for the Premium Chat platform.

By sharing a tracking link with family, friends, fans, or colleagues who sign up and use Premium Chat, the original referrer will get a percentage of their sales for as long as they use the platform.

The “Two-Tier Referral Program” means users can earn 2.5% of all revenue generated by one’s referrals, plus 2.5% of all revenue generated by their referrals. Premium Chat’s referral system can be accessed in the user dashboard by selecting the “reports” section.

Premium Chat’s referral program reflects their own belief in their platform and services’ longevity and profit potential. This confidence is a quality that business owners and entrepreneurs should look for when signing up for any essential marketing and communications tool.

screenshot premium chat
Screenshot Premium Chat

How to Sign Up and Get Paid to Chat

Premium Chat’s sign up process is designed for users to take action. There are no monthly fees or setup costs, and users can earn immediately upon creating their account. You can start here.

Register in Minutes

To sign up for the Premium Chat service, users only need to provide their mobile phone number and verify their account via SMS. An alternative means of verification is also available for users who have a WhatsApp account.

Create a Paid Chat Widget

After sign up, Premium Chat provides users with a paid chat widget to share on social media profiles and websites. The second phase of the sign up process is the creation of a personal widget.

The paid chat widgets are intuitive to make and use, and have a professional design with customizable colors. There are three types of widgets for users:

  • Live video widget
  • Call widget
  • Chat widget

In the widget creation process, users are asked to include a short description of their services, set their price, and provide their hours of availability. Rates can be by the minute or a flat rate for access to live chat. There are advanced options for scheduling but users can leave this for later in order to get started.

Once the user publishes the widget online or on social media, the registration process is complete. When it is activated online, the chat widget provides clients, fans, and followers the vehicle to enter a paid live chat.

Start Using Premium Chat

The final step is responding to chat requests and getting paid. To receive payment, users can provide either their PayPal account or bank information.

The Verdict

In review, what makes Premium Chat exceptional as a company and paid chat service provider, is their vested interest in users of their platform. The company’s unique selling points repeat in their blog content, percentage-based commission structure, and Twitter activity.

Premium Chat offers a safe and reliable vehicle for users to earn money online through chatting. Their app security, ease of access, on-site resources, and two-tier referral program culminates into the unbeatable tool to get paid to chat online.

How do I become a chat operator?

Simply sign up with Premium Chat, install the widget, set your availability, and start chatting.

How much do chat operators make?

Depends on a lot of factors, but you can expect around $10 an hour.

Are chat jobs legit or scams?

This is a legal job. It’s not a scam.

Do you have to be over 18 to start chatting?


Is Premium Chat safe?

Yes. As an operator or a user, Premium Chat makes sure to provide a safe environment.

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