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Best Website Brokers and Marketplaces [Our Top 10 Picks]

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Best Website Brokers and Marketplaces

Shopping around for expert website brokers or a reputable marketplace? Interestingly enough, many people have never even heard of a website broker or their primary function. Despite the differences in areas of expertise, a broker’s role is to connect buyers and sellers; thus, we have presented the best options for a broker and marketplace from both perspectives.

Whether you’re just starting to look for buyers, have had your business on the market for too long, or you’re a buyer who hasn’t had any luck, there’s an option on this list for you. Based on the reviews, we’ve compiled the best website brokers and marketplaces for aspiring sellers to get a suitable buyer, and buyers to attain a quality business to make their own.

If you’re unsure whether website brokers or a marketplace is the right move to make, don’t fret, we cover all of these topics and more in this comprehensive recommendation guide.

What are Websites Brokers?

Website brokers are tasked with assisting webmasters with selling their web business.

The website broker will evaluate your site and present it to buyers in the best possible way to get you the most money.

There are various advantages to hiring a website broker to connect you to the highest bidder. Additionally, a marketplace serves as the medium that gives your business the exposure you need to attract viable buyers.

Here are the steps to maximize the price for your site:

  • Determine a reasonable valuation range
  • Compile a sales memorandum
  • Market the website
  • Present the website to an array of potential buyers
  • Once offers are made, the broker drafts and presents them to the seller
  • Negotiations are made on behalf of the seller
  • Protect seller confidentiality
  • Monitor paperwork
  • Provide after-sale support

How Does a Marketplace Work?

A marketplace serves as the medium by which you can get exposure and attract many buyers to your business.

The marketplace attracts millions of customers, and it takes care of everything from backend security systems, web development activities, analytics, and more.

When Should You Use Website Brokers?

Marketplaces are the best option for smaller websites. This means businesses that are valued at or below $100,000. Smaller businesses are typically best sold privately, directly by the owner via forums or an established website that offers sellers free brand promotion and high earning potential.

One of our recommendations below, Flippa, is one of the best marketplaces for the purchasing and selling of small websites.

Top 10 Website Brokers and Marketplaces

Website brokers are best utilized for medium businesses, valued between $100K-$25M. Medium-sized businesses in this range are best sold through brokers that can help to find buyers, negotiate prices, and structure a complete deal.

So, what are the top 10 website brokers and marketplaces? Check out our top recommendations.

home page of motion invest
Screenshot Motion Invest

1. Motion Invest: Dutch Auction Marketplace

If you’re just starting out in the website buying business, Motion Invest is the perfect place for you to get your feet wet. Riddled with quality content sites $30,000 and below, Motion Invest can help you get acquainted with the process of buying websites.

Motion Invest is different stylistically from other companies because they use a dutch-auction to sell their products.

What is a Dutch Auction, and what does it entail? According to Motion Invest’s official site, a dutch auction means that a site’s price is lowered by $275 every two days. This process lasts until the site receives a bid or it is reduced to its reserve price.

Due to Motion Invest’s unique selling model, prices of potential sites can fall back to the equilibrium—inherently creating a fair market. However, this approach to selling sites tends to encourage buyers to “wait it out,” which allows them to see if the price drops before they decide to buy the asset.

Motion invest guarantees quality sites that have been vetted for authenticity and longevity because there’s nothing like purchasing a site only for it to go belly up within a few weeks of purchase.


  • Motion invest has a fair valuation based on the market
  • Access to inexpensive content sites making it conducive for beginners
  • Motion Invest boasts due-diligence reports from Google Analytics, SEMRush, and more
  • Sure reports are available if the site is an Amazon-monetized website


  • Since the website URLs are open to all members, this may cause copycats for the new buyer of the site

Final Takeaway: Motion Invest is the perfect website brokers for you if you’re looking to purchase your first website or you’re just looking for websites priced under $30,000.

screenshot of flippa home page
Screenshot Flippa

2. Flippa: The Largest Non-Vetted marketplace

Flippa is the largest marketplace of websites available for sale. However, when it comes to the listings—they are not vetted. Therefore, you must verify everything for yourself. Unlike the previous company, deals made for websites can range up to 7 figures with Flippa.

Learning to navigate Flippa’s interface can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know what to do for newcomers alike. Below are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling if you choose Flippa as your site for website purchases.

Filtering your listings by investment criteria:

Flippa allows its users to filter their listings according to their investment criteria, and the website will notify you of the available listings that align with your preferences. The filters available to you include the following:

  • Age of site
  • Monthly traffic
  • Keyword
  • Industry
  • Asset and website type

Be mindful that having a lot of filters activated will limit the deal flow available to you. Likewise, having very few filters will increase the deal flow available to you. Once you’ve specified your criteria, this is where you can subscribe to alerts to be automatically notified by the site.

Check your listings regularly and act fast:

Listings go live constantly, but alerts are delayed to some degree. So if you want to be among the first people to see the deal flow that meets your criteria, you have to check your listings frequently.

Lastly, it would be best if you acted quickly to make a deal because everyone has access to the same deal flow, and plenty of people are waiting to pull the trigger on an enticing business venture. So contact the seller as soon as possible to discuss a buyout.


  • Sellers are verified through identity checks
  • You will have access to deal flow in abundance
  • Your potential assets can range up to and below seven figures
  • This site grants access to content such as SaaS, e-commerce, mobile apps for sale, and domains
  • Flippa is partnered with to make for a safer transaction post-purchase to perform the transfer


  • There is no basic website data; verification is all up to you
  • You must weed out the many low-quality listings; beware of what you’re buying at all times
  • Prices can get unreasonably high with Flippa auctions

Final Takeaway: Flippa is a website marketplace to find deal flow, but you have to know what to look for.

Investors club are best website brokers and marketplace
Screenshot Investors club

3. Investors.Club (Membership- Based Deals Marketplace)

With a vetted deal flow, is a new marketplace that began in 2020. distinguishes itself from other companies because of its unique model. charges the 5% brokers fees, which is significantly less than all of its competitors. Furthermore, they charge the buyer a fee for an exclusive membership, which grants them access to due diligence reports and deal flow. has a Deal Concierge service, which provides help with deal negotiations. Moreover, they will help to find or source your private deals according to your unique investment criteria. In addition to this, they also provide full website migration, and there is a no-fee Escrow service during the due diligence period that you can take advantage of so desired. connects that buyer and the seller directly. Seasoned veterans would most likely relish the opportunity to negotiate directly with the seller. However, newcomers will want to take advantage of the’s in-house white glove services.


  • Option to negotiate with the seller directly
  • Fair and honest market valuations
  • Provides very detailed due diligence reports for all members


  • Buyers have to pay exorbitant membership fees to gain access to deals

Final Takeaway: Buyers will appreciate due diligence reports. is recommended for anyone looking for content sites that are priced fairly.

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screenshot of Quiet light brokerage home page
Screenshot Quiet Light Brokerage

4. Quiet Light Brokerage

Founded in 2006, Quiet Light has an abundance of history to vett their brokerage acumen. Since the company’s launch, Quiet Light has transacted on countless deals with seven figures and beyond.

Assets with Quiet Light are valued at 1 million dollars or more. This company offers perks to their active buyers whereby they grant them access to a broker manager that will aid you in the process of finding businesses that fit your unique criteria.

Quiet Light even offers an online podcast discussing the inner workings of online businesses.


  • Due to the long-standing history, they have tons of sales knowledge.
  • Grants broker managers to aid you in finding businesses that fit your criteria
  • Have experience with dealing with seven figures assets


  • This site is mostly beneficial to large accounts only

Final Takeaway: Investing in one of the Quiet Light brokerage assets is perfect for anyone looking to replace their day job. This is especially due to the size of the undertaking of caring for one of these sites.

Screenshot Empire Flippers

5. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers are the largest vetted private marketplace. They perform preliminary checks on every deal to ensure that seller intent, P&L, and other relevant things are correct. The only thing left for you to do is to vet the deal to match your criteria.

To get an idea of what kind of assets you’re dealing with, most of Empire Flippers’ deal flow is $100,000. Additionally, they list SaaS businesses, content sites, and e-commerce.

Every morning at 10 am sharp, USA Pacific Standard Time, Empire Flippers send out sales assets. To access these emails, you have to sign up on their official site. What’s more, they even publish quarterly summarizing the ventures of their business and industry overall.

Thanks to Empires Flippers expertly composed team, they’ll help migrate the site to your hosting if you purchase a site. You won’t have to lift a finger.


  • Buyers receive a due diligence period to vet their assets
  • The company prioritizes a vetted deal flow
  • Deals won’t be made public unless a refundable 15% deposit is made


  • There are high valuations usually above market averages
  • There are 15% broker fees charged to the seller
  • This causes inflation of valuations in an attempt to cover the fees
  • Sites that are good sell quickly after going live

Final Takeaway: For buyers looking for a vetted deal flow with prices above $100,000, Empire Flippers are the website brokers you’ve been searching for.

Screenshot Digital Exits

6. Digital Exits

Sellers looking to sell their prized possessions shouldn’t be afraid to trust Digital Exits with their websites. In the past year, the company has sold online businesses, which totaled approximately $35 million. The average deal price works out to be $3.1 million per deal.

With a resume like that, Digital Exits can maximize the value of your website and still get the best price above the market threshold value for your online business, without question.

Sellers are granted access to use Digital Exits’ appraisal resources. This allows the seller to get a realistic estimation of what their business will sell for.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to volume of work, this company has no shortage, especially when you consider that they have finalized deals in 5 continents with over 100 buyers and sellers.

How to get on your way to selling your business:

Firstly, it begins with the valuation process, whereby the value of your online business is determined. You’ll be asked to provide your most recent year’s profit, tax returns of the past two years, and your loss statement. Afterward, a broker from the company will call you, asking for additional details to ascertain your online business’s best valuation.

Here are the factors that Digital Exits considers for valuation:

  • Your niche
  • Competitors
  • Net profit
  • Age of your business
  • Business model
  • Website traffic


  • The entire deal flow is managed
  • Access to closed deals, testimonials, and event listings for sale
  • There are no upfront fees
  • You’ll receive multiple offers from buyers
  • The company has sold over 100 online businesses
  • Little to no paperwork


  • It takes about seven months on average to sell your online business

Final Takeaway: Selling your business can be more of a hassle than it may seem. A lot goes into selling an online business; therefore, it may benefit you to choose website brokers like Digital Exits to help you sell it.

Hiring Digital Exits website brokers will grant you peace of mind, and they are virtually guaranteed to get a great return on your business.

Screenshot FE International

7. FE International

FE International website brokers is an excellent choice for sellers with small to midsize online businesses. If you have a website that is $60,000 or less, this company is best suited for your needs.

Since 2010, FE International’s market-leading M&A advisory team has completed hundreds of millions in e-commerce, SaaS, and content business acquisitions.

FE International website brokers offer sellers direct access to pre-qualified investors. Due to their expertise, FE International can maximize the value of your business by driving up buyer demand.


  • They have over 800 business sales
  • The process is data-driven
  • Additionally, the process is efficient
  • FE International has a 94.1% sales success rate
  • Service will be tailored to your needs from experienced professionals


  • Along the same lines as Digital Exits, it may take months to sell your business

Final Takeaway: If you have a small to midsize business, Digital Exits are the website brokers for you!

Screenshot Latonas

8. Latonas

Latonas is an up and coming Marketplace with not quite the notoriety that its contemporaries have, but it is a burgeoning operation nonetheless. Dealing in assets that are seven figures or more Latonas has shown itself to be a company defined by professionalism.

Latonas have a supply of experienced online website brokers at your disposal who will thoroughly review your business model. Latonas will help you determine what the best sale options are for your business.

Over the years, Latonas has developed a successful buyer network for online businesses. This network of buyers is always looking for new products and fresh opportunities.

If you find yourself being overwhelmed at the prospect of selling your online business, don’t fret because one of Latonas dedicated brokers will guide you in your journey to selling your business with their experience.

Sellers who are looking for reasons to work with Latonas will find a list of reliable reasons below.


  • Latonas offers free evaluations with zero upfront fees
  • Access to a large and active buyer network
  • Detailed and fully guided transactions
  • Everything is confidential
  • Sell exclusively to vetted buyers
  • Experience in exit strategies
  • Help with transferring your business from beginning to end


  • Because the business is up and coming, the deal flow is lacking at times

Final Takeaway: Latonas is a quality business perfect for anyone ready to sell their lucrative online business.

Screenshot Website Properties

9. Website Properties

Website Properties has been a company of the business selling websites for over 17 years, and in that time frame, it has sold hundreds of websites and over $100M worth of online businesses.

To get you started, Website Properties website brokers offer a no-obligation website business evaluation. After answering a series of questions meant to ascertain the value of your business, your evaluation will be complete.

Soon after that, Website Properties website brokers will connect with their private buyer’s list of over 30,000 clients. This list consists of active and sophisticated buyers looking for new and innovative sites to invest in. Moreover, Website Properties will use their network of business-for-sale portals, venture capital contacts, and more to spread the word about your business further. Their website brokers promise to have your property being seen by tens of thousands of buyers to find the best deal for you.

Website Properties adhere to serious confidential policies, and they’re serious about protecting every aspect of your financial business. Through attention to detail, these website brokers pride themselves on protecting your intellectual properties and ensuring that the misuse of confidential information does not derail your sales process.


  • Tons of experience in selling websites
  • Access to abundant buyers who are vetted
  • Confidential policies
  • Free website evaluations

Cons :

  • It may take a few months to sell your website

Final Takeaway: Website Properties is an upstanding business with a great vision for both buyers and sellers alike.

Screenshot Website Closers

10. Website Closers

Website Closers is a company that’s particularly experienced and skilled within the Internet, Tech, and Digital Industries.

They are website brokers made up of consultants, entrepreneurs, attorneys, and accountants. Furthermore, their website brokers have sold almost a billion dollars worth of Internet and Tech companies over the years as a company.

Through the sum of their experience, they have sold non-traditional online businesses as well—companies such as Flash Sales sites, distributors, marketing agencies, Daily Deals websites, and more.


  • Great deal flow
  • Experience selling non-traditional online businesses
  • An eclectic group of brokers with a wide range of experience


  • High fees

Final Takeaway: The Website Closers are great website brokers for anyone looking to sell their online site, especially if you feel that your site is a bit eccentric.

Final Thoughts

We’ve done the research and found the immense benefits associated with placing your trust in expert website brokers whose sole purpose is to help sell your business.

Based on your specific needs, feel free to check out these website brokers and marketplaces that have a track record of success amongst both sellers and buyers. You won’t be disappointed!

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