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Best Ebook Cover Design Services

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Even though everyone knows the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” we all do it. It’s basic science that the cover of a book draws readers to its pages. Okay, maybe not science, but it’s a common habit that we can’t deny.

The same is true for ebooks. The cover is what potential readers see when they download the book from their preferred platform. This image is also usually posted in Goodreads, where readers leave reviews and ratings.

Authors must have the best ebook cover design possible to attract readers. This guide explores the best ebook cover design services to consider as you reach this step in the publishing process and some other options to keep in mind as you decide the best cover for your ebook.

The Book Designers home page
Image credit: The Book Designers


1. The Book Designers

Whether this is your first book or your fiftieth (or hundredth), The Book Designers have a proven track record of success.

The Book Designers dedicate a team of experts to work with you and your work. They devote time to market research, and their artists create incredible pieces of work. In addition, they have a reputation for using bold typography that leaves an impression.

Their rates start as low as $650, but most clients select packages with more services. These additional services include book layouts, marketing, and more. The Book Designers work with any genre and also offer printing and binding services.

Ebook cover art designs typically take one to three weeks, depending on the amount and complexity of revisions.

Damonza home page
Image credit: Damonza

2. Damonza

Damonza is an award-winning design company that specializes in ebooks. They have over three decades of experience and are known for creating compelling and exciting ebook covers.

Damonza offers a money-back guarantee policy which makes them a favorite among independent authors. Their ebook cover design packages start at $645, or you can add print and premium services for up to $1950.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee because they are very confident in their work (and your satisfaction).

Founder Damon Freeman sets a high standard for the company’s work, and clients know to trust his expertise. Authors typically receive their artwork within two weeks after signing up with Damonza.

eBook launch home page
Image credit: eBook Launch

3. eBook Launch

eBook Launch is a top choice for many independent authors who want to work with the best ebook cover design service. Thousands of authors choose to work with this team of artists that consistently produce impressive work.

Take a look at their portfolio, and you will see unique and extraordinary artwork. eBook Launch started in 2011 and continues to create memorable artwork for independent authors and publishers. They work in all genres and offer professional ebook and print cover designs.

eBook Launch offers two packages, both with unlimited revisions and a first concept delivered within 14 days. The most affordable package starts at $497, but it’s less than $100 more for print, marketing, and promotion services. In addition, both packages come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

99 Designs home page
Image credit: 99 Designs

4. 99 Designs

Since 2008, 99 Designs has married creativity and play in some delightful pieces of artwork. And they are unlike any other ebook cover design service in the world.

If you select 99 Designs, your first decision is to choose whether to work directly with a freelancer or start a contest.

A contest invites the entire 99 Designs community to create a draft and select your favorite submission. Authors then work directly with that freelancer to finalize the ebook cover.

Freelance artists are the backbone of 99 Designs, and they can create anything from ebook covers to logos and more. The company itself is based out of Melbourne, Australia, but it has an Oakland, California office.

A simple ebook cover design will cost $299, but most authors opt for the $749 package. It usually takes about a week to receive your final design.

Reedsy home page
Image credit: Reedsy

5. Reedsy

Reedsy is similar to 99 Designs in that you select who you want to work on your book. It’s a place where authors can choose the editors, designers, and publishers they need to launch their book into the world.

Authors can publish ebooks and printed books with partners from Reedsy. The platform is easy to use, and the freelancers in the community are thoroughly vetted. No matter what kind of genre you write, you can find a designer to create the perfect cover art.

Reedsy freelancers vary in their expertise fields, from ghostwriting to promotional efforts. So if you need any help during your book-writing journey, Reedsy is the perfect platform to help along the way.

One of the benefits of Reedsy is you can select the best quote from freelancers. This option is beneficial if you are working within a budget.

Andy Carpenter Design home page
Image credit: Andy Carpenter Design

6. Andy Carpenter Design

You may have read Tom Brokaw’s novel “The Greatest Generation.” Andy Carpenter created that cover and many others. For the past 25+ years, he has created classic vintage covers for all genres.

Andy Carpenter has experience with big publishers like Random House and St. Martin’s Press and smaller publishing houses that focus on independent authors.

His own ACD Book Cover Design company works with authors from around the world. Whether you are looking for print or ebook cover design, Andy Carpenter Design can deliver exceptional work.

Because Andy Carpenter Design is considered one of the best ebook cover design services, they have a flat fee of $1,000 with potential additional fees for purchased artwork.

Typically they like to work with free artwork or create their own, but you should always be prepared for additional fees.

Bailey Designs Books home page
Image credit: Bailey Designs Books

7. Bailey Designs Books

Another unique designer is Bailey Designs Books, run by Bailey McGinn. Her artwork is simple yet powerful, and many authors turn to Bailey to design their ebook covers.

We recommend contacting her as soon as possible because she has a waitlist, which shows her work’s popularity.

Bailey Designs Books is a favorite for authors because of her style and reasonable prices. You can choose a pre-made cover for as low as $99 or a custom cover for $399. And, if you are writing a series, Bailey also offers discounts for each book of a series.

The entire process takes two to three weeks to illustrate and finalize the artwork, depending on the schedule and number of changes.

Book Beaver home page
Image credit: Book Beaver

8. Book Beaver

Book Beaver is one of the best ebook cover design services based out of the UK. They specialize in black and white artwork and primarily focus on thrillers, crime, and epic fantasy books.

Authors can select from three packages that range from 250 to 450 pounds (remember, they are in the UK). Each package is designed specifically for ebooks, paperbacks, and illustrations.

Authors first select the preferred package, and then Book Beaver offers custom pricing to go along with their custom designs with no hidden fees.

Book Beaver designers work through four steps from initial contact to work delivered. Overall it takes 10-20 days to get the final artwork in hand.

Jessica Bell Design home page
Image Credit: Jessica Bell Design

9. Jessica Bell Design

Jessica Bell is a graphic artist, published author, singer/songwriter, and one of today’s best ebook cover design artists. She started her career designing her own books, then did a few more for friends, and now is a respected designer with a thriving business.

When you work with Jessica Bell Design, prepare for a highly lengthy questionnaire that helps the artist create the perfect look for your ebook. Whatever genre you write, Jessica can design ebooks, paperback, hardback, audiobook, box set, and book series covers in various formats.

Prices vary from 400 to 1000 euros, depending on the complexity of the artwork. The designer asks for a 50% deposit before starting, and it typically takes a couple of weeks to receive the final artwork.

Baki Boquecosa home page
Image Credit: Baki Boquecosa

10. Baki Boquecosa

Another popular ebook cover designer is Baki Boquescosa, who specializes in striking imagery and contrasting solid colors. Authors can select a custom design, pre-made cover, or commission a photo manipulation piece. The results will be outstanding and everlasting.

Baki Boquecosa works with all genres and creates surrealistic and captivating imagery. Refer to his portfolio for examples of his incredible work. Then you will see why so many authors choose Baki for their ebook designs.

Premade covers start at $100 or contact the artist for a custom design. You will receive a truly unique piece of art when working with Baki Boquecosa.

BookFly home page
Image Credit: BookFly

11. BookFly

If you write fiction, non-fiction, romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, fantasy, or science fiction, consider BookFly your next ebook design company. They are two book-lovers based out of Oregon that have earned a reputation as champions of self-publishers.

Kira Rubenthaler is the editor, and James T. Egan is the designer, and together they provide custom print and ebook services for independent authors and publishers of all sizes. It’s best to contact them early as they typically have a waitlist of six months.

A single ebook cover costs $649, while the print book cover costs $799 (and includes ebook formats). They also provide editing and proofreading services at an additional cost. So if you are looking for a trustworthy partner to work with, then we highly recommend BookFly.

Book Cover For You home page
Image credit: Book Cover For You

12. Book Cover For You

Book Cover For You is Sanja Gombar’s company, a unique offering for authors who write romance, fantasy, or young adult books. As you look at Gombar’s portfolio, you will see a distinct style that is extremely striking.

Book Cover For You typically features bright colors and a highlighted person (or persons) front and center of the cover. Authors can select custom high-resolution artwork from packages that range from $250 to $350 or select a premade cover. Premade covers vary in cost from $50 to $100.

Sanja Gombar gets booked up very quickly, so we recommend contacting her as early as possible.

Books Design home page
Image credit: Books Design

13. Books Design

Ana Grigoriu-Voicu is the mastermind behind Books Design, a book design service that fits any budget. Started in 2012, Books Design has a reputation for creating attention-grabbing artwork that readers love.

Books Design services include author branding and book cover design for ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, and audiobooks. Authors can also work with Ana on marketing ideas to maximize their book’s potential.

It’s all about design at Books Design, and authors have the opportunity to choose from several design styles, including photorealism, vector artwork, digital painting, or typography. Pricing is based on each project and the custom artwork required. It typically takes a few weeks from initial brainstorming to final artwork.

Paper & Sage eBook cover design
Image credit: Paper & Sage

14. Paper & Sage

Paper & Sage is a favorite ebook cover design service among authors by offering reasonable prices and quick turn-around. Simply glance at their previous work, and you will see why so many writers select Paper & Sage.

As you search the Paper & Sage website, you can select from premade covers or ask for a custom design. Premade covers start at $70 and also offer print options.

Or create a custom cover that may cost $150-$400 depending on the package and if you want full print layout included.

Whatever your genre is, this top-rated ebook design company can create what you want. Paper & Sage also offers services for audiobooks of all genres.

Julie Metz Design home page
Image credit: Julie Metz Design

15. Julie Metz Design

You may have already seen a Julie Metz Design: “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver is just one example of her work. She creates subtle and masterful covers that pull readers in to discover more.

Among her listed clients include Random House, Simon & Schuster, and more. You’re working with one of the best in the business when you hire Julie Metz. The price is project-based, and you are getting her years of experience and professionalism along with your artwork.

Julie Metz Design specializes in fiction, nonfiction, New Adult, YA, memoirs, and cookbooks. Availability is limited, so we recommend contacting her early.

Vanessa Mendozzi Design
image credit: Vanessa Mendozzi Design

16. Vanessa Mendozzi Design

Vanessa Mendozzi Design is a favorite for authors and publishers that want beautiful ebook cover designs with simple and elegant designs.

Vanessa Mendozzi Design works with both fiction and non-fiction authors. You should check out her work if you write self-help, business and management, biographies and memories, or Christian non-fiction. For fiction books, she specializes in romance, thriller, poetry, and children’s books.

This designer also creates layouts for books and promotional packages in several formats (these work great for social media platforms). Her designs usually include vibrant colors or contrasting elements to attract the reader.

Prices vary by project, and the turn-around time is typically a few weeks, depending on the number of changes and scope of the project.

image credit: Coverness

17. Coverness

Coverness is a design service by Mark Thomas, an artist specializing in cover design, illustration, interior layout formatting, and professional promotional packages. He formerly worked with large commercial organizations and now uses his talents to collaborate with authors and publishers.

If you review his portfolio, you will see various genres, including thrillers, fantasy, romance, historical, faith, fiction, non-fiction, and many more. He offers a free consultation before starting and truly enjoys partnering with writers to create the best possible design.

Design packages start at $152 per platform and go to $784, depending on what other services you add. The designer works quickly and can get you the final artwork within two weeks. His availability is limited, so we recommend contacting him sooner rather than later.

Mars Dorian home page
image credit: Mars Dorian

18. Mars Dorian

Cover designer and illustrator Mars Dorian is an exceptional talent that authors and publishers enjoy working with. If you want unique and never-before-seen artwork that is truly eye-catching, then check out his portfolio.

Mars Dorian’s work stands out among the other designers, which means your book will stand out too. This designer works with traditional publishers and independent authors with a style all his own.

The project determines costs, but the designer offers reasonable prices and is willing to negotiate. Artwork delivery is also quicker than most designers and offers other services such as branding and marketing.

Book Cover Designer
image credit: Book Cover Designer

19. Book Cover Designer

Located in Los Angeles, California, Karrie Ross and Book Cover Designer offers book design, web design, and coaching for authors across the country. She is exceptional at creating cover art for memoirs and biographical fiction.

Self-publishers and independent authors enjoy working with Karrie and the experience she brings to the process.

Book Cover Designer services include covers for paperbacks and hardback books and interior layout. Ebooks and paperbacks cost $650+, or you can get a combination of ebook, paperback, and hardback for $1250+.

It typically takes the designer two to five weeks to complete the work, depending on your request’s services.

Book Design Templates home page
image credit: Book Design Templates

20. Book Design Templates

Fictional authors who want to quickly and easily create an ebook cover should also consider Book Design Templates. This service provides thousands of templates for you to customize for both exterior covers and interior layouts.

Templates are available for fiction, non-fiction, picture books, children’s books, and poetry. You can purchase a single-license template for as little as $29, and the templates can integrate with Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, Apple Pages, and Microsoft Word.

Book Design Templates also provide complete book production services and guides for publishing. If you like being the author of your own destiny (as well as your own book), then templates might be the perfect answer.

Other Options to Create eBook Cover

We listed the best ebook cover design services available today. However, you may want to go outside this list and contact a freelance artist on your own.

Or simply try your hand at designing something yourself. Ultimately it’s whatever you’re most comfortable with as the author and creator of your book.

Remember to keep in mind the budget as you decide the best option for an incredible ebook cover.

The previously mentioned designers are the best in their craft, and you are paying for their experience and professionalism. But if you are on a tight budget, perhaps one of these other options is a better choice.


Fiverr is a community of freelance artists of many talents. Anything you can think of in the world of digital creation is represented on Fiverr. From voice-over actors, web designers, video animators, and, of course, ebook cover designers, you can find a freelance artist to do the job.

A benefit of Fiverr is finding a diamond in the rough. You can create a unique style that sets your book apart from a freelance artist that is unknown. After finding an artist you really like, hold on and don’t let them get away.

But finding the right artist for you may be daunting. You need to have a clear vision and give exceptional instructions so that the artist knows what you want. It may be hard at first to find a person whose style matches your vision, but it’s so worth it in the end.


Upwork is very similar to Fiverr, except their talent pool extends beyond the artists. You can find project managers, editors, and virtual assistants among ebook cover designers.

Once again, you will need to vet the freelancers to find a perfect match for your vision. But you can also find a great price on Upwork if you have a tight budget.

And freelancers are located around the globe, so you will want to keep that in mind as you select the right person for the job. Time and language barriers may not be worth the price difference.


Another option that many writers like is to simply do it yourself. There are several tutorials and YouTube videos available to help you with the process of creating and uploading your own ebook cover.

If you like drawing or playing with design software, a DIY ebook cover may be the perfect solution.

You can check out easy-to-use Canva or attempt design-friendly Adobe. We recommend trying both and selecting the one that you are most comfortable with using.

If you are not very technical, then Canva is probably your best choice. If you enjoy design work and dreamed of being a graphic designer one day, then Adobe is more your speed.

Whatever you decide, the ebook cover is the image that will attract readers to the story inside. No matter what genre or format, you want the best ebook cover design possible.

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